Having trouble in campaign

Hi, so I’m having trouble in this level. I’ve tried a lot of combinations and this is the only one that 4 of them could be alive until the 3rd wave
This is what always happens with this line:

My top heroes:

And the enemies:

If I have to upgrade an specific character or anything please tell me :)

Try to use Shang’s active first

So, like, i put it in manual and use shang´s active first and then the others?

Yep :man_shrugging:


Mulan she survived
Li shang survived
Maximus survived
Work on honeylemon great slow and damage
Use repunzel or any healer for healing

Time your skills for when you need them!

What??? :confused:

I agree that she’s good but she’s definitely not essential here.


Like… Li shang…

For Tigger’s bounces, try to time Mulan’s white skill as Tigger is pretty good at dodging attacks given his white and blue skill. For the other supports, Mulan would be the best bet. Consider upgrading everyone in this team and enhancing all badges (if any). Sometimes, a small boost is enough to KO the enemy.

Fairy godmother or kermit are the best support in game

… What does that have to do with this topic?

Level them up to kee0 your team alive

Managed to beat it

In your face invincible Tigger

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Nice job! Well, if you have any other issues you’re facing here, feel free to post it here.

The only thing I needed to do was removing the invincibility from Tigger

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