He’s Literal Trash



“Why am I alive?”

Asking himself big questions, Forky supports his allies on the battlefield, despite being made of trash.

Stars: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial Team: Blue
Entrance: Pops out of a nearby trash can
Victory: He leans back a bit, his eyes start to spin around, and he becomes happy
Defeat: He falls over and his eye pops out
Attack: Pokes an enemy

White Skill: Forky Asks A Question
Forky stops and starts to think, making himself invincible for 7 seconds and distracting enemies while he is invincible. Distracted enemies will prefer to target Forky. Forky heals his allies for 100% of the damage he would’ve received.

The Invincibility cannot be blocked by fatigue and the Distract cannot be blocked by hardy. Distracting enemies has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Green Skill: Poke an Eye Out (Normal Damage)
Every 7 seconds, when Forky is damaged by a melee attack, his eye pops out and sticks onto the closest enemy. He goes to get it back and he pulls it off the enemy, dealing X damage and reducing their basic damage by Z for the rest of the wave. He then puts it back on his face, healing himself X HP.

Blue Skill: Trashy Home
When Forky falls below 25% of his Max HP, he hides in a trash can, granting himself a reinforced shield that has X HP and doesn’t expire.

Reinforced shields cannot be removed, stolen or bypassed, and they ignore up to 50 Armor Negation and Reality Negation against them.

The shield granted by this skill also takes 50% reduced damage from all sources.

Forky cannot move or preform basic attacks and skills while this shield is active.

Purple Skill: Questioning Reality
Each time an enemy is distracted by Forky or his allies, Forky gains X armor and X reality for the rest of the wave.

Red Skill: Crafted Freedom (Normal Damage)
“Poke An Eye Out” now copies Forky’s debuffs onto the enemy damaged, and deals Z additional damage to nearby enemies.

While Forky is in his shield from “Trashy Home”, his allies heal 25% of the Shield’s HP per second while the skill is active.

The healing is reduced on allies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Armor
+Z Reality

Friendship Disks:

No Worries
Immunity to Fatigue
+Z Basic Damage
+When Forky or his allies receive a shield, they gain Z Skill Power for the rest of the wave.
• Forky is immune to receiving Fatigue Stacks and has a 15% (+15 per star level) to absorb it from an ally)

Speading Cheer
Longer Stuns on Distracted Enemies
+Z Max HP
+Z Skill Power to Forky and allies
• Every 4 seconds, when a distracted enemy receives critical damage, they will be stunned for 1.5 (+1.5 per star level) seconds.
• Distracted Enemies are stunned 12% (+12 per star level) longer.

Requirement to Charge: 3 shields are applied to Forky
Stat Buff: +Z Armor
Lineup Based Buff: +Z Reality per Blue Team ally
Effect Buff: 4 Hardy Stacks


Thought someone made a Basil concept for a minute


I think you meant to put distracting

Unless Forky is practicing Social Distancing


Yes, I meant to put that!


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