Healing ‘revive’ heroes in Invasion

In Invasion, if you use a revive to heal, not revive, a hero who has revived in battle does this reset their revive or does it just heal them back to full health on their 2nd life.

A hero revive is when you’re heroes are KO then u can use. Any revive skills can only be effective during combat and after the revive, the hero will KO (or not, depending on the skills and if u have healers in your team or not)

The 2nd life thing is not a thing. There is no second life. Once u KO, GG. (Good game, not literally)

I think you misunderstood the question. Heroes that can revive e.g. Judy, Hades, Randall, etc. come back with a ‘2nd life’. My question was whether they can revive again if they were healed rather than revived with the Invasion revive power up.



Sorry, my bad. I’ll reply u ASAP. Need some time to process the info

If you „revive“ a hero who has already used their second life skill Im Battle (like Hades, Judy) they get their second life back.


Just to clarify the hero in this hypothetical has not been K.O’d. If they are still alive but have used their revive and you then use a revive item to heal them, will they gain their revive back or is it just as if they were healed after being revived?

If the skill only applies once per BATTLE, after the revive skill is used, u can still use the revive to bring him/her to max HP regardless of whether the hero is KOed or not.

Any revive skills effective for only once per Battle cannot be used until the hero is back to max HP (after a KOed)

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Thank you. I use Judy for Yellow invasion and have always been curious as to whether I’m restoring her revive or not.

Judy? Wow.

Yeah that was what I mentioned, so if you „revive“ the hero, but the hero actually isn’t dead, the revive resets the hero. Just like when the hero died completely and you get him back to life. So for Judy, if she used her revive ability and haven’t died in battle afterwards, if you use the revive item on her, she will have her own revive skill back and can use it again.

Hope this is clearer :grin:

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They just heal
The revive boost in invation revives koed hero or fully heal heros that are damaged no extra effect

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I know, I know.

@Fellow_Spooklet let me try and give a nice clear answer to your question. I’ll use Hades as an example, based on the scenario where he has “died” once in battle and triggered his revive skill and then taken damage (but not been killed).

In this scenario, of you use a revive item then you will start the next fight with Hades on full health, but having already used his revive skill (therefore unable to use it again).
In the event that Hades dies (properly after reviving himself) if you use a revive item then Hades will be able to revive himself once more.

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