Heinz is coming

According to the Disney Wiki, the next character is going to be Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb.

Shouldn’t follow a wiki page as it’s not a definitive confirmation site as anyone can edit it and copying things from it against tos so people usually flag posts like this (there been toons posted on there that didn’t come out for years or months, and believe some posted on there as a joke).

However if you followed perblue on their official discord page, they posted a pixelated image from their Instagram account that does indeed looks like confirms this character.


Don’t trust Fandom because people can change it to make you believe that a new character is coming to the game and if I were you I would trust their Facebook or Instagram page


Wait, the game has their own IG account too?!

It is true, on instagram and Facebook disney heroes showed us a hint of the next character

And it was dr. Doofenshmirtz

Yeah man someone mentioned it in one of the concepts

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Looks like Doofenshmertz joins the game with his nemeses and sometimes friend

I’m gonna guess “disneyheroes” or something like that, is their account name.

No it was another name

Nevermind, I actually found it, it’s “disneyheroesrpg”. Thanks, anyways! :slight_smile:

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