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The growing problem of people who starts a heist and then leaving the heist is a frustrating one. I’ve gotten feedback from alot of players wanting something to be done about this. This issue should really be looked in to. Either having the option to be able to kick oneself out of the heist or something like the creator of the heist must stay in the heist till the end of it. I’ve also seen good ideas for a mass vote out if the creator goes afk, or the next person on the list will be named the host if the original host goes afk.


https://files-uploader.xzy.pw/upload/20190630134945_5673595867.jpegI really agree this one.
Look at what just happened to me.
After me and my friend participated, ‘A’ get AFK and others(D&E) come after us get AFK too!
It was terrible.


This has been a problem people have been posting about for, well, I don’t even know how long. I’ve seen posts going back 6 months +.

It really needs addressed, it’s making heist a chore instead of fun.

In my guild I started to watch our member’s heists when I spot them. If we see that they do this, host then afk, we kick them from the guild.


Yeah this is so annoying. I think in lower levels people aren’t quite sure what the heist is, it took me a few times to realize guarding diamonds was the most important thing.
But it happens every single heist, people disappear and it takes ages because your doing it alone. Another option could be the creator has to approve people joining. Or a possibility of being in rest for too long auto boots you. If someone is able to move and sits longer than a minute, not guarding a diamond they get auto knocked out . Idk If the coding can be made to do that but something definitely needs to be done.

Would it be possible to “punish” idle/afk players since the game knows when some is online (green icon to the left of the name)?

Also would it be possible to not kick out those who have been active in the collective goal of the heist? (Since the game knows where to send the thief/ambushes/etc.)

Idk if this is because they don’t know how to play or something else but myself and a few of my guild members have been kicked out of the heist (we had done anything wrong, played accordingly and would get kicked out).

One member said he had been kicked out in the beginning, another had been kicked out at the end. Personally,I knew I had been kicked out when I didn’t see any rewards icon.

All of which wastes the player’s ticket and that’s not fair for those who do want to heist.


Auto kicks would be a bad idea. For a more devious solution, add a short timer on the end of the heist, like 5 minutes? If the heist ends, the participants must claim the rewards before the timer or lose them. (But even this would heavily punish players who simply disconnect)

The most effective tool would be to leave a heist by yourself (add a 30 second timer in chat so others dont get caught off guard.) (I imagine it would cost a few Heist Tokens to leave so that this feature couldn’t be abused.)

Also, name the person who starts thief battles please. Better communication tools would go a long way and benefit everyone. (Maybe a spectate option but I see the trouble this would cause.)

Heisting with guild members should eliminate this issue. In any real-time game there will always be ways for people to ruin the team’s efforts. PB has done enough on the issue with the kick feature, the rest is up to your Heist team selection. Don’t open heists to public and blame game design, start a private heist and add guild mates and friends only.

Thank you for reading and replying! I enjoyed reading your ideas.

Yeah I don’t think auto kicks would be a good idea either.

FYI: There are ppl who have a legitimate reason for being afk and they do not do often (answer a call, get the door, help their roommate, sibling or kid, etc). My guild members have always updated each other if something is happening, usually the internet is acting up. I’m only speaking of those who repeatedly do so.

Like one of the previous poster a guild member kept inviting guild members and then would afk. After trying to correct the member’s action we ended up having to kick the guild member out.

In an ideal situation it would be best to play with your guild, sometimes, ppl cannot. I want to lessen the opportunity for those who play poorly with others.

There will ppl who will not play nicely with others (regardless of whether or not they’re in a guild).

I know PB has done a lot in informing players, listening players and doing what they can to improve game play without changing any of the gaming aspects.

The kick action is only great for the heist starter to kick out afk-ers.
Not when the starter is the one going afk. Which has been the majority case for those who have posted a problem.

I didn’t add this in my previous post: one person in a public heist politely asked for ppl to wait to hit the fight button (since it takes a while for the heroes to travel to the gem or we’d lose the fight). I saw they got kicked out after posting that. The player didn’t do anything wrong & just wanted to help the “new to heisting” players (they were playing like they were new).

I was hoping for a report button for heist starters who go afk, maybe an extended cool down period for repeat afk offenders unless they do something to show they have read the rules and have acted accordingly.

Something that affect those who play poorly with others and cannot be used to hurt those who actually play during the heist.

PB has been great with giving players multiple chances at trials and ports — but it’s different with heists.
1 free daily heist ticket and 1 opportunity to buy one (without shop refresh).

I don’t want ppl who play poorly to waste another player’s ticket.


I agree with naming who starts fights… theif and hideout. There has been so many times a troll has gotten into my hesit and play according until the end. They start the hideout nd never call for backup and lose for the fun of it. Ive always would have liked that and like a “block” list to where you can add that player to and if your the host of a hesit that person cant join future hesit of yours.

Anyone who gets kicked should get their ticket back

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I’ve just had to throw a heist as all the other players went afk. It’s not fair that I loose my heist ticket because others want to get the rewards without participating. I should at least have the option to leave the heist so I can play with people that actually bothers to participate.


Find a different heist

My most recent annoyance of this variety:

After joining a new guild, one of my guildmates started a heist and I was invited to it, so I thought I’d join. Well, it seemed suspicious at first, since he started it before anyone other than himself had joined (big red flag), but he was a guildmates, so I figured he wasn’t going to be as terrible as some random guy in a public raid.

Then as I joined, I realized that he had done that horribly descipable and selfish thing, where he sends one character to each of the bodyguards so that nobody else can attack them. That’s another big red flag, but it was too late now, I had already joined.

Then he went afk so he wasn’t actually killing the bodyguards but nobody else could either.

Suffice it to say that I will NEVER join one of his heists again. But there’s no way to warn the entire community to avoid his heists like there needs to be. We need to be able to have “yelp” reviews of players in heists so people will know who to avoid… like “this guy has a one star review, so I’m not joining his heist” or “it says here that this guy always attacks the hideout too early so I’ll kick him out immediately”.

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This would not work for guilds that have members all over the world. Different times people are on. I have enough trouble getting people I dont know to join a heist, if I had to wait for a guild member, I would never get to do a heist.

Unfortunately you can’t leave a heist once it’s started, so there’s not much to do avout it at the moment. All I can do is to make sure I never join a heist with these people again

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