Heist during Contest: the Abundance of Rush

During this contest, I have joined quite a few heists to gain Heist tokens for the contest.

What I find remarkable is that in my server 21 at least, there are a lot of people wanting to rush all the time. Even when the host proclaims it to be a normal heist, we don’t always make it to the end with all circles done. It annoys me, but I also don’t understand. The more circles the more tokens gained, and it isn’t that much effort.

Even more estranging to me are the rush heists I see (but don’t join) where people start and don’t even guard gems.

Can someone explain to me what the strategic value of this is? Why does this happen? It doesn’t give you more Heist tokens, the contrary actually…


If someone wishes to do a Farm heist with me, now, or ever, add me as a friend! I haven’t been able to do those during the contest, but they do give the most tokens


None :man_shrugging:

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Completing all the circles gets you the most heist tokens per ticket, particularly if you have time to farm a bunch of accomplices and bodyguards even after getting the last white circle.

Doing a blitz/rush heist gets you the most heist tokens per minute, as you can usually finish one (if you’ve got 5 players) within two or three minutes and lose no more than one diamond during that time.

It just comes down to a matter of priorities.


Some people just want to get a job done quickly. The cons of this strategy is usually not considered when they play, and thus losses incurred are still a big gap between an all white circle cleared (and hideout found) game.

But if you have a lot of time, you can always maximise the rewards. The only problem is that finding the hideout will take too long.

Ill find you to do full heists.
I personally just do heist for the daily, can do a quick one on my own on my main and takes 3 minutes or so

The contributing factor is mainly for me that it is one of the most boring areas of the game.
The rewards are terrible for the time spent, so honest would rather spend time doing another boring part of the game (invasion - bleh) at least I get gold.

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Because Heist is miserable and people want to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Puttering around for the extra 15 minutes is not worth the bonus 270 coins.

Thanks to everyone for their answers! I think the one from Jody might come the closest to what is happening, cause I do see the players do another heist just after they finish. So it’s not like they are done heisting very fast.

I still think it is a waist of a ticket to do it that way, but whatever.

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