Heist fast hideout sucks

Hey i was wondering if there was gonna be a update sometime for heist to have a way to lock the hideout until you get all circle to stop poeple from hoarding to fight the hideout as soon as it apears make it maybe that no one can fight the hideout until all circles are filled unless the leader choses that they can fight it earlier i ront know maybe a lock on hideout or something


There is no plans to enhance or improve heist currently.
The best thing I would suggest is to only do heists with guild mates if you want to do all the white circles. To be honest the rewards in heist tokens to do all the white circles is really not worth the time


if you’re playing with good players, you can get full circles in less than 10mins…


If you are playing with good players you can do 2 heists in 10 minutes

3 in 10 min. Dashstyle is a way to play. I only need discpower not heisttokens so why get all the circles and waste time. So its not good or bad. Just tell people before they start.

I want chips for Kristoff & Sven and Honey Lemon, so I do want heist tokens myself. Different goals, different ways to play. Personally, I think that’s a good thing.


Same thoughts. Actually, you’re free to make the decision. Cause one a person joins the heist, it’s impossible for him to leave once the session starts. And the duration is up to you. If you’re aiming for more tokens, then finish all white circled. If u don’t tell anyone, they’ll most likely assume that it’s normal. And it’s fine

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