Heist off duty

What’s with half the roster being off duty for heists? Shouldn’t we be able to use our most powerful people every time? I have NEVER seen Elsa (my most powerful) ON duty like wth, am I just unlucky with her and missing the days she’s on or what, also half of my strongest are not on duty leaving me mostly with my b teams. I dont heist every day but when I do I’d like to use my A team thank you very much. (Sever 22 if that helps)


Once again, I agree with the motion of removing off-duty heroes in Heist. There really is no justifiable reason at all for heroes to be off duty in Heist.


I also agree. I have had to get creative with my heist teams but there are days where I don’t want to heist because 3/5 of my regular characters for heist are off-duty.


same with me server21, almost all of my strong heroes are off duty, I think its perBLUE strategy so that player will be force to level up the heroes by spending diamond or buying deals (business as usual)

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I can appreciate what you’re trying to say but don’t revive topics.

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