Heist problem (server 18)

Today I started a heist as usual and it took us more than an hour to find the hideout. All white circles had been completed and all the clues out of the last circle were red spots. In total the heist lasted almost an hour and a half. It’s ridiculus on how much time I had to spend. We ended with 7 diamonds because all our characters were searching for the hideout, battling on ambushes or covering the rest of diamonds.
Can someone help me please?
I don’t know if this is going to happen again.

Are you sure to have searched in the white cirkel for the hideout? Because your story isn’t that clear on that part.

If that is the case than it might be a bug that needs to be reported

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Whenever I’m in a heist that has that much trouble finding the hideout, it’s been one of two things: either the hideout location was hidden behind someone guarding a diamond (which is another argument for blitz heists), or the hideout location was right on the edge of the last white circle, so it looked like it was outside the circle.


Everybody knows that you have to search inside the white circle, they explain it when you stat playing.
But we were covering every clue we saw and we descovered the hideout in almost an hour.
It has neve happen to me before and I’m not a noob, so I know it’s a problem the app has.

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