Heist refresh

I don’t know if they are reading FEEDBACKS, BUT I HOPE THEY WILL. Perblue, please. UPDATE THAT GAME MODE make it more FUN to play. like add new levels or give us more painful but fun to play. personally, I’m Tired of looking and waiting for the thief to show up. or what if add some time to the game? like you only have 3 mins to look for the HIDEOUT with no diamonds. Then after 3 minutes if the whole team didn’t find it, no reward EZ.

or another mode. they have 5 mins to clean and swipe all the red marks. if they don’t they lose but less reward.



There definitely needs to be a timer on heist. I don’t have time to spend 30 minutes on a heist (I’ve done that before). If the thief hasn’t appeared after 10 minutes, the thief should immediately appear. If the hideout isn’t found after 5 minutes after the final circle has been completed, then the hideout should appear. An entire Heist shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes (ideally, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes).

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