Heist's Movement Speed

I’ve read the Heist overview and I don’t think there was something like the movement speed of the heroes. What are the factors affecting heroes to travel slower (dotted path) than usual (arrowed path)? And are there ways to keep the heroes travel fast?

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The movement speed of the heroes are based on their available energy (yellow bar below their avatar picture). If you activate the white skill during fights or playing on auto, that will use their energy. When the bar is empty at the end of a fight or after a revival, the hero will have no energy.

To maintain energy, don’t fight heist battles in auto, don’t activate white skills unless needed, don’t run across the map non stop. Try to do as many fights where your heroes can store energy without activating white skills.

If you can wait, instead of guarding (exclamation mark not guarding a gem), tap on the hero and tap rest, that builds energy too.


So you mean walking also consumes energy. And what about heroes being slow after fainting?

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When a character “revives”, he/she has no energy and walks slower.


That also explains it.

Bueno yo quiero la actualisacion con nuevos heroes

Speaking of Dash should be able get to the other side in seconds regardless of energy.


Always thought that was kinda strange.

If a hero has any available energy, they will run to any and all destinations. Once they completely run out, they will walk at a slower pace until they have more energy (Either during battle or by Resting.) There is no way to force your heroes to walk if they have energy.

Dashed lines indicate a Running speed. Dotted lines indicate where they start Walking.


Now I understand how Heists work. lol. Thanks guys!

I was wondering what does it mean when my guildies telling me to “rest” my toon, I thought I would just stop in the middle of the map so that I can go to the Ambushes or Thief fights easily.

And I should stop auto in fights. :0

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