Hello! I have a question

My name is Logan and I just started the game. There is a lot of cool heroes that I’m exited to use.

But I have a question. I’m only 11 and they game says I need to be 13 + can I not play or chat if I’m not? If its a thing about not being !mature enough I’d say I am. My parents are okay with me playing.

Thank you.


Don’t worry about it. However, global can be a bit too crazy, so be careful. But yeah, I’d say it’s ok to go on global.

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As long as your parents are ok with you playing it’s probably fine, but like Retro said just be aware that global chat has some strange people so I’d recommend putting the must be friends to chat setting on

Also welcome to the forums


Plus, as long as you remain text appropriate(meaning you talk appropriate and follow the chat rules)in Global Chat, you’re ok to use that feature. Just beware of those…funky chatters.

I’d say stay out of global completely. As a message to ypur folks be mindful that this game is designed around microtransactions so watch what your kid is doing.

I’ve seen some crap happen on there, so sometimes it’s not pretty. But if your going to go on global, just jump off when you think it starts to heat up. I’d say that if someone harasses you, block them and continue on. However, everyone else that has spoken on this shouldn’t be ignored either. Take their advice!

Welcome to the forums! If your parents have no problem, then it should be okay. I recommend that you are careful in global. You can make some friends on there, but there are also those people who you need to tune out. However, global isn’t very necessary other than finding a guild. After you do that, you should be good. Now, if you wanna hang with some people who will not be too crazy, then we are here! :grin:

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