Hello Indonesians

Indonesia : Halo. Apakah ada orang Indonesia yang main DH:BM? Kalau ada, kenalan dong. Kasih tau kamu di server berapa & nama guild kamu apa. Aku mau tau aja orang Indonesia yang main DH:BM ada berapa, soalnya sekarang banyak yang pensiun :sweat_smile:

Translate (English) : Hello. Are there Indonesians who play DH:BM? If so, please get in touch. Let me know what server you are on & what is your guild name. I just want to know how many Indonesians are playing DH:BM, because now many are retiring :sweat_smile:

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They literally provided an English translation for what they were saying right in their post… :man_facepalming:


oh okay sorry didn’t see it

And if you ever need something to be translated in the future… there’s a handy website called “Google Translate.” You can copy and paste foreign words/phrases and it will translate it into whatever language you want

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