Help Me... HELP ME

So I made a team that I think works well here are my heroes:

Gerald, Marlin and Nemo (O4) Simba and Nala disk (Lv 106)
Baloo (O5) Simba and Nala disk (Lv 106)
Jumba (O0) No disk (Lv 102)
Anger (O3) Hades disk (Lv 106)
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker (O0) No disk (Lv 104)

Is there a way for improvement? Hero changes, more leveling? Please let me know

Anger is okay, but there are so much better options Cheshire Cat, disgust, Ian, Mulan for damage output. For support ( If you want supports) I’d recommend LI Shang, fear, Joy ( with purple skill mods advancements)

I see, but I wanted to kind of mix it up, without using someone like Mulan or Ian, mainly cuz everyone uses them

I’m using Jumba so when he becomes “presice”, Anger can increase his attack speed so he can defeat enemy’s more quickly

I wouldn’t suggest Anger though, his attack speed increase takes like 4-6 seconds activate, he’ll probably get defeated by then if you’re against a Cat or Disgust.
I also think that Gerald, Marlin and Nemo are getting outclassed.
Well, the heroes I would suggest depends on what type of team you want.

That’s why I have Baloo so he can increase my teams defense against normal and fantastic damage

See? Defense Increase, I tend to use Baloo a lot for this skill as well

Stitch (Ma) is a better form of defense

Get the disk to 5-stars and then you’ll be set

Ok, I guess I’ll have to level Maui some more

Oh wait I thought this was the Photo Gallery regarding your invasion team :man_facepalming:

I’m sorry.

But my point still stands. Stitch (Ma) is better for invasion than Baloo.

It’s ok lol

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