Help me with my team please?


So I have a team that has Baymax, Maleficient, Moana, Scar, but idk who the last one should be. Someone said a control.


Maleficent is a control (and a very good one).
What you are missing is support, Baymax gives you some cover with his shields but you could do with some healing in there ideally.


Use miguel (20 letters)


Use Mickey to help scar

Tooned up = more damage

More damage = more healing

More healing = Awesome


No not Scar. Scar is OP. Anyway, @Prince_Aamir, @TheOutCast190 is asking who the last member of their team should be.


Scar is in his team @Stanford_Pines_X
He should put Mickey to help scar


You are telling them to replace Scar with Mickey. Just tell them add Mickey


Better? When i said for scar i meant to help scar


Ok. Mickey. Thanks guys

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What about arena? Should I still use Mickey Mouse?


No you should use miguel since he can stun


Miguel can also use Flatten to remove an enemy’s armor for long periods of time, allowing Baymax and Scar (ult) to deal much more damage to them. and of course it comes with an on demand unavoidable 6 second stun.

Mickey is great, he just has zero health and his blue will usually be wasted on the member who has the lowest Max hp /which is likely not to have lost any health due to Baymax’s Blast off Shield, while Miguel has decent HP and Armor (the most out of all similar heroes)


So Miguel? I should choose Miguel?


Oh yeah. What about Woody? Is he any good?