HELP! Stuck on Ch 5 in the campaign/elite

I CANNOT pass the 1st stage of chapter 5 (campaign/ elite mode). I have used every character I have; upgraded them; leveled them up; etc. My characters ALWAYS die with 3-5 seconds of starting. What strategy do I use? Damage/Support/Tank? I’ve done a combo of all. Went to back/mid/front…nothing.


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Any specific heroes you’re probably using/have?

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Is it possible for you to share pictures of the characters on the chapter you’re stuck on and your strongest heroes so we can try to help you?

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It is frustrating and not fun= not worth playing. I tried to put pics in here but it says I cannot.

I mostly use Mulan, Olaf, Frozone, Nick Wilde, and Miguel. I have over 5000 power for the group. It never fails my support & control characters (as I have switched out my characters) are ALWAYS knocked out in the 1st attack.

It is ch 5: Skyline in the Elite mode

Mulan and Olaf are some great heroes to use, I noticed that Mr. Incredible is in that chapter and he can be annoying to defeat. Do you have Magica De Spell or Kristoff and Sven?

Nope :sleepy:. I have:

Mulan (usually the longest to last)
Olaf (usually the longest to last)
Yax (KO immediately)
Frozone (KO immediately)
Miguel (KO immediately)
Maleficent (KO immediately)
Chessishire cat (KO immediately)
Violet (KO immediately)
Mad Hatter (KO immediately)

Elite campaign is supposed to be harder. If you’ve just finished normal, chances are you will have to build your toons more to defeat elite. As you progress you will be able to add additional components to your toons called mods and memory disks. Couple them with stars and skills then the elite campaigns will be easier. Without them and you will always find yourself stuck until your toons level up a little.
One option if your stuck is to try to turn off auto. If you can push through the first fight or two without using the white skills or one of your toons whites then turn auto on to start the next stage. This won’t help you in this case but it’s always an option.


Cheshire Cat is another great hero to use. Maybe try a team with Mulan, Olaf, Cheshire Cat, Yax, and Frozone. I hope this helps. Also what level and rank are your heroes?

Grinding for Bo Peep (in Chapter 1) totally changed the game for me! She’s extremely powerful once her energy’s full since she can use her Deflection Spin for the remaining waves. Plus, if you unlock Joy, their friendship disk is phenomenal. A little time grabbing her would probably be worth your while! Good luck!

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I think chapter 5 has one of the first hurdles that you just have to wait a bit on and grind some for first, so even if you can’t beat that stage today, you might be able to tomorrow or later this week.

Team wise based on what you have I suggest Olaf, Mulan, Cheshire Cat, Nick and a healer maybe which based on what you have now would be either Yax or Miguel. You should switch out Yax and/or Miguel later for a better healer when you get one :-).

So yeah, just got to grind on previous stages some and level up and badge up your characters.

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