Help the merchants scoring error?

Is there an error with the scoring in the upcoming contest (server 5)? There are two scoring options for spending badge bazaar tokens, but both are the same (apart from one being limited).

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Yep, that’s correct. Basically, you get 2 points for the first 183,400 and 1 point for any tokens spent after that.

So basically spend and earn progress rewards :joy:

Seems a bit stingy.

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In what way?

Compared to prior point values in contests long ago and oh so far away.

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Oh thatts crazy! I think for 1st time it had happen!?

  1. This does not read well and is blantly confusing.
  2. Those ratios are really stingy point wise.
  3. The rewards for cumulative & ranking are both harshly lacking and deter wasting resources on lackluster rewards within a confusing contest.
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