Help with a team to beat Merlin!?

Hi guys,

So server 18 has had Merlin for about 2 weeks and he is popping up in Area / Coliseum teams.

From them who have had him in their servers for longer, any advice on how to take him down?

For some reason, a 2*, none moded, not all badged Merlin turns all my characters into squirrels, before they have even attacked! Don’t know what to do about it, and I don’t dare go up vs like a 4* Merlin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hope all is well.

Merlin counters himself, due to his high basic damage :upside_down_face:

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Wasn’t Merlin counterable with Timon & Pumbaa? Since they provide Crit Immunity?


They aren’t in Sever 18 yet… This is why am asking :joy::sweat_smile:. I think it will be a while till they’re.

Any other ideas?

Other than that? No.

Just do what @Turned_To_Sin said, use Merlin to fight Merlin.

Okay thanks…

I tried to use my Merlin, but there’s changed all my guys to squirrels before he could change one of theirs :joy:.

I guess I’ll have to avoid the teams as much as I can till I get enough dollar, dollar to enhance him!

Cheers everyone.

Merlin’s Trump Card is his Purple Skill, which grants him Energy whenever someone from his Team Crits, which is the used for the Great Squirrel War…

I think you need to build a team revolving with Crit Damage. What Heroes are they, I do not know sadly.

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Great, thanks for the help!

I believe I came up a team of 113k power (mine being 146k hence why I thought I could beat them :joy::sweat_smile:.)

Aladdin, Barbosa, Baymax and Duke. So maybe one of them is the key!

Thanks again!

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It is Barbosa with Tia’s Disk… At the start of every battle, he studies enemies for 2 seconds. Which turns every Normal Attack into a critical. Which then powers up Merlin to turn everyone into squirrels!

Once again, thanks for you help. Wouldn’t have figured that out with you!


Those 4 heroes you mentioned are the key. Use them all together they are quite perfect with Merlin. Even better if you have Baymax’s Olaf disc

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Kevin Flynn is supposed to be immune to Merlin’s squirrel effect.

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Duck with the other disk (is it hiro?) can also do well, because he can stun heros who crit him. Maybe that won’t stop merlin directly, but it will stop his teammates like aladdin from landing any more crits for a while, so slowing down merlin’s energy. Sadly nobody uses that disk cause the other one is so good :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have Anger on s18 ? He won’t turn into a squirrel thanks to his second skill :slight_smile:

No unfortunately we don’t have Anger in server 18. We just got Peter Pan, and before that, Gaston, Baymax, Hero and Darkwing Duck. So I believe we are a little behind :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll look into that!

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