Help With Building a Team

With new heroes being added with many fun and great updates, there comes many questions with it:

  • Should I upgrade the new heroes?
  • Which hero should I upgrade?
  • Should I add the new heroes to my team?
  • What’s the best team that works with the new heroes?
  • What’s the best counter to the new heroes?

Or even questions just in general:

  • What’s the best team I can make with my current heroes?
  • Which hero should I work on?
  • Do my current heroes work well with each other?

Hopefully, here players can get help from other players and players can help other players.

Feel free to share pictures of your current heroes as well if you think it would help!


Like for me, with Pooh recently being added I know he will def be on my team along with Stitch! But I don’t know who else to add! Any suggestions?

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You should add Finnick, Animal (Red skill) and Barbosa
The move reduction would be a nightmere


Thanks! My Finnick is pretty weak but I can def work on him then!

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What do you guys think I should do for a team against Mr. Incredible in infected areas?

I like to build around Elsa & Olaf. But if you can suggest someone perfect against Mr. Incredible, I can build a team around them instead.

Who should I use? (No red skills)


Stitch (Ma) would be a good fit. His slow is really strong, strong enough that it may be able to slow Mr. Incredible down long enough to at least seriously wound him. Plus, Elsa will be able to deal more damage with the slow.

As long as Beast can get his white off in time, he can easily take Mr. Incredible down, seeing as he can’t die after that.


So obviously I need to work on a few of the heroes especially Finnick but this would be a good team?


Do you think a team of Stitch, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Nemo would be good?

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Have a look on my team:
Elsa(long duration freezes)
Joy (superb healing)
Randall(you know)
Megavolt (long stun duration and damage)
D&B(Awesome damage)


Have a look on do you think a team Ralph Alice
Donald Duck scrooge Mcduck and frozone would be good?

My team includes Goofy, Hook, Randall, Joy and Jafar. Not unbeatable, low synergy, but enough power for entering the Challengers.

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My team is Peter Pan (Al), Donald (No disk yet), Hiro (Da), Miguel (Je) and Meg (Sh). I’m not on a level high enough to enter challenger yet, but this team does great against Randall/Beast, and it can beat quite strong comps.

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Use mr incredible

Does anyone have a good way to beat Hades with a red skill? Sometimes Hades with a red skill is a real pain. Also when Beast enters his rage he is almost impossible to kill.

I counter Hades with Joy, who just heals the team till his invincibility ends.


Idk about Hades, but isn’t Stitch (Ma) your strongest character? From what I know, he’s one of the most reliable counters for Beast.

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I recommend stitch and woody as a good core

Oh he is but sometimes when the Beast is really high level then it gets a bit hard

Piggy mit rotem skill. Heilt bei Angriffen.

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