Help with concpet

I planned to make a conpcet on kronk but dont sure what his qoute should be i am also not sure who he should befriend will yzma will be good or bad idea? since kronk was yzma s sideckick in the past

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I think his quote should be
“Right. Oh!.. Riiiiiiiight.”

Friendships, Yzma is optional.

Other ideas that come to mind:

Queen of Hearts (Kronk does his best to serve her but ultimately fails, in the end he saves her life.)

Dash, Vanelope, Jack-Jack. (He loves kids.)

Finnick (Having Kronk interact with any of the animals would be fun, I just think him interacting eith Finnick would prove to be the most interesting.)

Merlin (He likes squirrels, so being able to turn into a squirrel may be interesting to him.)

Just a few ideas. :grin:

I feel like it would be a campaign with Yzma where Kusco shows up

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