Help with Contest

I’m low on badge tokens and I don’t know how to spend my gold so is there any other way to score points fast?

Clearing infected areas should gain you good points and look out for the virus and anti virus diamond deals if you wish to save money

It doesn’t matter for the contest where you spend money. Uograding skill seems always a good idea.

Furthermore is indeed the best thing to do clearing virus-things

Open up x10 gold crates, sell badges From those crates, repeat helps a bit

There have been no deals for infections

How am I supposed to reach the 67 infected areas max on 2 if they don’t appear for me it’s kind of hard to reach a million without those. Does anyone know how they can appear faster

No I don’t, but what I did is not clearing them till this contest. In that way you can easily get some points

I know that but I only had 50 available and 67 is the cap

In that case i sdaly have no more advice left :pensive:

Well I’ve learned to not clear them in between anymore. Unless I need said badge level.

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