Help With Costume Threads

So they told me I have to complete quests to unlock costume threads, but which quests unlock them? Do I have to have a certain level?

Contests are the only way to earn threads right now. So I think no one has costumes for Merida and Stitch yet.


Do you know which contests?

No one knows, we can only wait. Right now they give threads for Rex in contests.


Merida and Stitch costume chips aren’t available in contests right now, only Rex. The old costume chips also aren’t available now. But apparently they may be a costume chip shop in the future!

Guys hope they start quests or a shop for threads because it is confusing


I know it is confusing

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I actually have the alternative costume for Merida but I actually had no idea how I even got it in the first place! So I’m trying to find out how to get the alternative costumes for all the other characters that have one because I have every single character unlocked (except for Flick the ant from “A Bug’s Life”)

I think you can get full costumes from cosmetic crates.

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