Help with my stun/scare team

Hi guys one of my teams at the moment is maximus (Flynn disk), mike (JJ disk), Jack skeleton (Sally disk), syndrome (yzma disk) and Jasmine (shank disk).
I’m needing to recruit another Red team member as support, as my red team is very weak, and I’ve got plenty of blue, so I’m thinking of replacing jasmine in this line up.
Who would you replace her with? I’m thinking Kevin would have good synergy with shatter for this team? Thoughts greatly appreciated :+1:

There’s a teeny, tiny little flaw in your plan…


Yeah, but I’m not a power player. Zeus is hard yes, but some teams don’t have him! Some…

Scratch that, I see your point. He does seem like the ideal addition for my team, but I really don’t want another blue team member for now.
What’s my option for Red?

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