Help with team formation

Hi! I’m a big fan of this game and would like to ask you guys some tips or pointers in forming my team. My main team consists of Maximus, Li Shang, Mulan, Disgust, and Joy. I’m level 246 and the following are my heroes that are currently red

I have currently all the heroes on my server (2) except the 2 new ones. The rest are either orange or purple

I’m not great at making teams and would like some tips from you guys on which to team up or power up more for story mode, arena, and coliseum, given that I dont have that much resources since I’m not as actice as I used to be.

Thank you!

I think it would technically be better for us who try to help you if you screenshot the characters you have and post them like this when sorted by Power :-).

(Note: I recommend newer characters over older characters, these are just overall pretty versatile characters which if nice for me as a F2P. Do plan on getting more new characters).

But yeah, would be happy to help if you screenshot all the characters you have so that I can give the best as possible advice :-).

Sorry I just got promoted to trust level 1. I edited the post. Thank you for your insight!

Ah I see and yeah, good that you can now post pictures :-).

No problem about the insight, but when I say if you could post all your characters I meant it as that way I can more so give you the best advice I can give, since then I can more so take in all the different variables to say.

Beside that, there might be newer characters you have that you haven’t necessarily updated, so that’s a reason too why I ask for if you could post all your characters :-).

Maybe post them in your next comment so that you don’t make the scroll too long for your first main post.

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