Herbie Crosses the Finish Line!

I know it might sound strange but, I think I would like to see Herbie the Love Bug in the game. I mean, it might seem a bit weird but, seeing as how the current cast consists of anamorphic animals, robots, Superheroes, Pirates, an genetic alien experiment, monsters, a Hispanic boy with a magical guitar, liv and villains, I think the game to use something as eccentric as a sentient Volkswagen Beetle, don’t you think?

If anyone has seen any all of the movies (and yes, that includes Herbie Fully Loaded), try to come up with a moveset for him because, I’m stumped when it comes to those kind of stuff.


No. Just. No…

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I’d be all up for Herbie.

Best car.

Best car hero.

Best of all Disney heroes who are cars


I love it!

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Don’t revive dead topics that are 2-year old

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Herbie may be a Beetle, but in game he’d be either a Tank or Damage.

White Skill: Herbie Charge: Herbie Summons 1-4 Beetles of various colors to charge across the field, dealing damage to all enemies. (See Nick Wilde’s Hamsters or Felix’s Nicelanders.) (Could be done w/Shanks Car or Finnick’s Van)

Blue Skill: Herbie splits front/rear, charges 2 strongest enemies

Green Skill: Herbie’s hood opens, he charges strongest enemy, capturing them. They return, stunned

Purple Skill: When an ally is drawn into the enemies (Rapunzel, Red Queen, Woody) Herbie charges, does a somersault (as in Fully Loaded) and returns them to player’s side. This move could also heal.

Red Skill: Herbie Summons other vehicles, and all charge across the screen multiple times, dealing damage each time.

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Strange concept but I like it! Herbie would be great!

Why wouldn’t herbie in it?? Everyone wants cars in game, we have pirates which isn’t exactly cartoon…

And nor is tron but everyone is okay with that

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