Hercules and the Arabian Night


Back when Disney was airing Hercules: The Animated Series, they had an episode where Hercules and Aladdin actually teamed up. It was called Hercules and the Arabian Night.

It was the usual superhero team up. The villains meet and decide to take on reach others nemesis. At first they try to defame the heroes to each other by disguising their minions up as the other heroes. At first it works until the heroes actually meet and figure out what is really going on. Their team up, beat the villains, one of the villains turns on the other, and the goods guys live happily ever after and go their separate ways.

As far add Aladdin’s chronology goes, this takes place after Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Jafar is still waiting to enter the underworld and starts making trouble for Pain and Panic.

My question is, is there anyway for this crossover to make it into the game? Both Aladdin and Hercules already have their two friends assigned, so I would think either giving them a third friend, or have them meat up in the main storyline and recognize each other, or when you bring Jafar into the game have Hades as one of his friends, where they try to team up again against their nemesis


Oh yeah, dat amazing crossover. I almost forgot about it.


I think it really depends on what canon PerBlue wants to use. The series exists on its own continuity, evident by Hades well aware that Hercules lived after being abducted and frequently plots against him.

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It’s been awhile since I watched Disney’s Hercules, but it could be said that sometime between the end of the series and beginning of the main plot of the movie, Hades had tried to one again try to kill Hercules and was fooled into believing he had done so, which could be why he was surprised that he still hadn’t done so


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So…Hades is trying to kill the best hero on earth…:thinking:A

Odds of success: .3%


I love that Disney crossover the best out of any crossover I’ve seen. I was actually watching it last night. As you said though about Hercules and Aladdin teaming up I think that it is a great idea but Jafar isn’t in the game so the only person they could go after would be Hades. I feel like if this were to happen Jafar would have to be in the game