Hercules/Maui Friendship Bug Server 19

On server 19, I saw that Hercules had a friendship with Maui, but once I got maui to the required level, the friendship disappeared. Is this a known bug?

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Can you screenshot the issue? Like Hercules’s friends section?

Here is a current picture. I don’t have a before picture. Before it had Maui as a friend and said they both need to blue and level 75. Once I got Maui to level 75, the friendship disappeared.


That is strange

Oh, okay. So the disappearing Hercules-Maui friendship rumor is true.

I have the same problem, Hercules/Maui friendship disappeared

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The issue is that the first mission for the friendship requires an item that isn’t released on that server yet. The server doesn’t check for mission required items until after the friendship is unlocked. The team is working to fix the logic so it won’t show you a friendship that you can’t progress on once it’s unlocked.

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