Hero basic attacks questions

Wasn’t able to find any info on basic attacks so hopefully someone knows how it works :slight_smile:

“Duration of time between attacks” (TBA) - as written in Wasabi’s Red skill
Attack Animation Time (AAT) - the time it takes for the attack animation to complete


  1. Does AAT exist? (I presume yes otherwise Wasabi would just K.O. an enemy instantly)
  2. Is AAT and TBA the same for all heroes? If no, where can this info be seen?
  3. Does the effect of the first basic attack happen after AAT time and the effect of the second basic attack happen after (AATx2 + TBA) time?
  4. Does “attack speed increase” reduce both AAT and TBA?
  5. What is the relation between attack speed/move speed increse/decrease. If you have 50% increase and get 50% decrease do they cancel eachother or do you end up with 75% of base?

Thanks for the help!

This is mostly assumption but

Yes. TBA exists too, I interpret it as a short cooldown that has to pass after a hero performs a basic attack before they can perform another basic attack or a skill (doesn’t apply to white skill however, in case energy is full)

It’s not. AAT just depends on the animation, for example the animation of Raya swinging her sword is longer than Ariel throwing water projectiles.
As for TBA it’s unfortunately not specified anywhere but I’d assume it’s different, since heroes like Vinny and Ariel can spam basic attacks with almost no delays, while for example Syndrome waits a while to do anything.
I assume Wasabi’s red reduces his TBA to 0 - making him able to use a basic attack immediately after the other one. It doesn’t cancel AAT however since it doesn’t affect the speed of the animation.

No, just as soon as the hero is in range to perform a basic attack.
Bolt’s Clawhauser disk extends his range to the whole battlefield, so he basic attacks instantly. If he has Cheshire disk, he might have to walk a bit.

It reduces AAT for sure
It might reduce TBA, I’m not sure about that, but even if it does it’s never reduced to zero

I seem it’s like this


And I do not.

I have my assumptions as well, but do we have any real testing done or anyone from PerBlue confirming how it works?

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