Hero Concept: Blue Fairy

Description: the Blue Fairy is here to help your team with her magic and delightful kindness.
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“Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday you will be a real boy.”
Role: Support
Stars: :star2:
Trial team: Blue
Entrance: The Blue Fairy enters the battle field with a beam of light.
Victory: The Blue Fairy Waves her wand and smiles.
Defeat: The Blue fairy closes her eyes while frowning, then disappears in a swirl of blue.
Basic Attack: The Blue Fairy waves her wands at enemies, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Wishful Wishing :white_circle:

The Blue fairy waves her wand, healing her weakest ally for 30% of their max HP, and does a special effect for each trial team.

Blue: The Blue Fairy heals them a bonus 10% of their max HP.

Yellow: The Blue Fairy grants them 3 stacks of hardy.

Red: The Blue Fairy adds X armor to the ally.

Green Skill: Believe :green_circle:

The Blue Fairy twirls her wand and zaps a random enemy, removing all of their buffs and removing all of her weakest ally’s debuffs, also dealing X fantastic damage and stunning the enemies for 12 seconds, if her weakest ally has no debuffs, it will remove the debuffs from another ally, if none of her allies have debuffs and she doesn’t, she will cleanse her weakest ally and heal them for 20% of their max HP.

Blue Skill: Magic Bubbles :large_blue_circle:

The Blue Fairy sends bubbles through the battlefield, dealing X true damage and decreasing the enemy team’s reality by X percent to the 3 front most enemies and healing herself for X percent of her max HP

Purple Skill: Magical Fairy :purple_circle:

The Blue Fairy grants her ally with the least HP 60% reality while also cleansing them, if the ally she heals is already above 40% of their max HP, she will grant her whole team X speed increase and silencing all enemies for 7 seconds.

Red Skill: When you Wish Upon a Star :red_circle:

“Wishful Wishing” doubles the stacks of hardy to the yellow team allies, “Believe” now also hexes the enemy she zaps, “Magic Bubbles” has a 70% percent chance to either curse or charm enemies it hits. When an enemy tries to apply a debuff to the blue fairy while an ally already has a debuff, they are blinded for 6 seconds.

Additional stat boosts

+500 starting energy for the Blue Fairy and her allies.
+30% reality increase to the blue fairy’s 2 weakest allies anytime one of her allies fall below 40% of their max HP.
+X normal damage to the Blue Fairy’s basic attacks.


Blue Fairy / Maleficent

Disk: A Lesson of Manners.

Image: A Blue Book with a Dragon on it.

Every Time the Blue Fairy uses “Believe”, the blue fairy has a 20% chance to cleanse her weakest ally.

+X skill power
+55% reality increase.

Campaign Allies: Bagheera, Hades, Gaston.

Friendship Chat

Maleficent: Ugh, another stupid sunny day, i’ll change that.

*Maleficent makes a cloud in the sky which makes pouring rain.

Blue Fairy: oh dear me! It’s raining!

Blue Fairy forms an umbrella and then bumps into Maleficent

Maleficent: You dare bump into me, me?! The Mistress of all Evil?!

Blue Fairy: Oh dear me I am ever so sorry, miss…?

Maleficent: I am Maleficent, now off with you.

Blue Fairy: I am just a good fairy and it was an accident though.

Maleficent: A Good Fairy! Even worse than I thought!

Blue Fairy: You can call me Blue Fairy.

Maleficent: Ironic, now go, as I am a fairy too, yet a dark one.

Blue Fairy: A Simple please would work, Miss Maleficent.

Maleficent: Fine. Please Go.

Blue Fairy: Thank You, walks away.

Blue Fairy: Her? A Fairy? You’d figure she’s a witch with her attitude…

Blue Fairy/ Aurora

Disk: Wish to not Sleep.

Picture: Pillows with an X across them.

Every Time the Blue Fairy uses “Magical Fairy” she snares the strongest enemy for 8 seconds.

+50% reality at the start of each wave for 4 seconds

+3 stacks of hardy and the beginning of each wave.

Campaign Allies: Snow White, Fairy Godmother, Minnie Mouse

Friendship Chat

Aurora: yawn, I am so tired…

Blue Fairy: Hello dear, how are you? You can call me Blue Fairy.

Aurora: oh hello, nice to meet you, i’m yawn tired… by the way my name is Aurora, well, sigh, its complicated, but you can call me Aurora.

Blue Fairy: I know who you are Aurora, as I am friends with your aunts.

Aurora: You know Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather?

Blue Fairy: Yes, we are good friends actually.

Aurora: That’s nice, I just wish I wasn’t so tired.

Blue Fairy: I have a feeling that wish may come true very soon.

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