Hero concept pibby (Unlikely)

Pibby is a two star tank type hero :star::star:

main attack: pibby attacks the enemy with his sword

Special Attack: Use the power to learn and throw some words that silences the enemy, stuns and deals fantastic damage

Green skill: Pibby cheers up allies, giving them more reality, speed increase and heal them

Blue skill: Pibby dodges glitches and makes it drop on the nearest enemy, making him fight alongside Pibby.

purple skill : Every time pibby attacks he heals a little

Red skill: If pibby manages to enchant the enemy with the blue skill, he gains more speed,more reality and the enemies are slow and less reality

I hope you like this concept I’m not from the United States, I’m from Mexico, so I used a translator to write everything, so if there is an incorrect word, that’s why.

God bye!

If wb team up with Disney

This would be so crazy if they did it lol :exploding_head:

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