Hero concepts Vol. 2

• Daisy duck from Mickey mouse and friend’s
•chicken little from chicken little
Entrance) Daisy walks in the battle while smiling
Defeat) Daisy starts to get grumpy
Normal attack) Daisy throws a bow
Quote)Let’s go everyone

Daisy duck is a 2 star midline damage hero she will be available in diamond crates
White skill-sassy duck
Daisy duck starts to get sassy blinding enemies and sapping them
This also has a Chance of slowdown
Green skill-female’s temper
Daisy starts to get mad and stomps her feet this stuns enemies for 4seconds and deals x damage
Fantastic damage💥
Blue skill-looks matter)Daisy strikes a pose(either one of these)and charms enemies for 9 seconds

Purple skill-beautiful duckling)every few basic attacks Daisy throws her purse
Red skill-keep it under control) Daisy puts armor on herself whenever a enemy is charmed
Daisy and Donald duck
Daisy duck and miss piggy
Entrance)chicken little runs into the Battle and looks behind him self
Defeat)a acorn falls on chicken Little’s head
Normal attack)chicken little throws a baseball

Chicken little is a 1 star midline damage hero he will be available in event’s
Quote)hurry hurry the sky is falling
White skill-the sky is falling)chicken little screams at the closest enemy after 2 seconds of screaming a piece of the sky falls on an enemy stunning them for 5 seconds x damage
Fantastic damage💥
Green skill-baseball practice)chicken little throws a ball in the air then hits it with a bat (this bounces to all enemies) x damage

Normal damage👊
Blue skill-kirby)Kirby runs across the screen dealing x damage
:facepunch: Normal damage
Purple skill-little bravery) chicken little heals himself x when Kirby is on screen
Red skill-home run)chicken little gets 200 energy when he screams
Chicken little and Huey Dewey and Louie
Chicken little and basil of Baker Street

Wow that took long hope you enjoyed

Concepts, not predictions

Slow down with this, yo. Besides, it’s too early for this

Sorry I get a little excited for things

I agree with @Filadae_Djaq and @Monarch_Mummy_V. These concepts you keep making feel rushed and they should be separated, not together in one thread.

Any feedback?

A little inappropriate

Ok this is inappropriate

2 seconds is too short

Is chicken little from disney or dreamworks?

Heist crates don’t exist

Overall I’ll give this a 6/10

Chicken little is from Disney

Also 6 outta 10 YES thanks for the feedback

Ok looks like I need to learn my disney characters :sweat_smile:

Sassy isn’t inappropriate

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I thought it was for some reason

Sassy is sorta Daisy’s personality that’s why I included it

The word, sassy, means cheeky. If you’re referring to sau**, then yes

Also Kirby is from chicken little (not the video game character)

Ohhhh, Chicken Little. I forgot about this movie.

Also these are good concepts.

Thanks alot :blush:

Fixed it =)

Wow that took long hope you enjoyed

No offense but did it really? It looks like you are a speed typer and rushed it… no offense but we have allot of proof…

-no certain damage types like x,y,v
-no details on the friendship
-red and purple skills with new animations…

Much more, but overall it’s the creativity that counts and I think you tried ur best :slight_smile:

What quote are you talking about?

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