Hero Contests

I think it would be cool and fun to see new contests again like ones we had when the game first launched. Such as The Incredibles contest, happened right when the game launched and all the rewards were also themed towards those specific heroes. Also had a pirates one in the past with Barbossa, Tia, and Sparrow. With all the new collections and franchises we’ve had added to the game, I think a themed contest to one of them here and there would be a nice change from the ones we have now.


the issue with these is that they are usually really difficult for everyone. they might be cool and fun, but participation with these as well as complaints from many involving these made them come to a halt


Makes sense ty

I’d certainly enjoy a change of pace, and properly designed a themed contest like those older ones could have attainable progress goals. Just be sure to give sufficient points for Creep Surge, where it doesn’t matter if the contest hero is P1 and level 50 so long as it takes part in a successful battle. Maybe give points for friendship missions completed with the themed heroes. I’m pretty sure there was never a Zootopia-themed contest, so maybe we could start there.

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