Hero costumes and trading


It would be nice if hero costumes would come with different skill sets. It would also be nice to create a place where players can trade items with other players.


Both suggestions are incredibly unlikely. First the costumes having different skill sets essentially means making an entirely new character which would be incredibly taxing on the dev team who already provide the game with plentiful new characters. Secondly a player based trade market simply wouldn’t work. Players who spend the major money would give away their excess for dirt cheap amd completely break the balance of the game. We saw how 600k arena tokens turned into a big fiasco. Imagine that but with thousands of hero chips and badges availible for next to nothing because players simply don’t need them.


A guildwide trade market to help lower lvl seems like abad idea to you ? Why ?


I didn’t say it was a bad idea. I just said that something like this wouldn’t work because of the point made in my response:


@Wild_Eule it is a wonderful idea! However, the fact that Perblue has greed issues means they want all the money possible. Some people would not spend money if they could get all the stuff from other players.

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Thx…I dont give up - the game was founded with Disney. Disney stands for values the “Guild Market” could include. bargaining, friendship and COMMUNICATION…in my country we say the hope dies as last…