Hero Counters, Synergies, Hero Group By Debuffs Search Tool


I have made a progress on the counter list & tool & I have opened this for all but it’s still in beta as only 40-50 toons have counters in this. I will be updating this every week & it will be completed within 2 weeks.

Here is the LINK - https://csalive.glideapp.io/

What you can do with this:-

  • Search counters & counter combos of toons for war, arena & coliseum

  • Search heroes synergy

  • View heroes group by Debuffs & Disables

  • Discuss & leave your comment

  • Submit a counter of toon

  • Proofread the content as English is not my first language

Upcoming things

  • Counters of all toons

  • Images of Toons

  • Better view with team synergy options

Here is the LINK - https://csalive.glideapp.io/

I have hosted this on the free server for now.


What exactly are “toons”? Heroes?

Yes… :expressionless:


This is really cool! Thank you!!

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yes Toons , heroes all same, will bring uniformity

I am trying to get this completed ASAP

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Wow, this is incredible! I was just thinking about the need for this the other day and here it is! Very well done!

Thanks, do share with your guild mate, obviously it’s work in progress & it will get complete soon

I will do, thanks :blush:

This is great will be sharing it with my guild on discord

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Update : added few more counters & synergy section also added

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Update : Added a new section of debuff & disable, where you can see heroes grouped by debuffs & disables

How to see:-

  • Open https://csalive.glideapp.io/
  • Click on Debuffs & Disables
  • Select debuffs or disables from the list
  • After that, you will be able to see all heroes for that debuff/disable & also a little description

Video Demo - https://youtu.be/7eL4x5H6HQQ

I will be completing all heroes in next 10 days

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