For everyone in forum and for the devs I decided to sum up all of the stamina needed to craft one R17 badge, Deal Gone Wrong - always only first chapters you can find the bit in

Badges to craft:
ROR Omega ROR - Ch38 (2800 stamina), R17
Love´s Light - Ch38 (2800 stamina), R17
Multi-Colored Dress - complex
Gurgi - complex

  1. Multi-Colored Dress , to craft:
    Screenslaver - Ch31 (1200 stamina), R10
    Coffee Void - Ch31 (1200 stamina), R10
    Tres Sombreros - complex

1a. Tres Sombreros , to craft:
Mayhem Tour ´79 - Ch26 (1200 stamina), R5
Bingo Is His Name-O - Ch26 (1200 stamina), R5
Grotto Gift - complex

1b. Grotto Gift , to craft:
Tour Bus - Ch21 (1200 stamina), R0
Curious Maze - Ch21 (1200 stamina), R0
Four-Poster Bed - complex

1c. Four-Poster Bed , to craft:
Magical Breakfast - Ch17 (720 stamina), O5
Safari Hat - Ch17 (720 stamina), O5
Dark Disguise - complex
Mask Of The Cake Eater - complex

1d. Dark Disguise , to craft:
Fa Family Shears - FFS Plan, Raspbeary Cake, Tough Cookie - 2418 stamina (below Chapter 12)
Mist Maker - Conspicuous Apple (18+114+114), Mist Maker (480), Love Bug (480) - 1204 stamina (below Chapter 12)
Wicked Beats - 114 stamina (Ch 4/7) Princess Finder - 114 stamina (Ch 4/7)
Total: 3840 stamina

1e. Mask Of The Cake Eater , to craft:
Aquarium Tag - 1200 stamina (Ch 7/14)
Wicked Beats - 114 stamina (Ch 4/7)
Total: 1314 stamina

Overall for Multi-Colored Dress: 1314+3840+1440+2400+2400+2400 = 13794 stamina

  1. Gurgi , to craft:
    Screenslaver - Ch31 (1200 stamina), R10
    Coffee Void - Ch31 (1200 stamina), R10
    Waddles - complex
    Angry Chipmunks - complex

2a. Waddles , to craft:
Little Helper - Ch24 (1200 stamina), R3
Smooth Jazz - Ch24 (1200 stamina), R3
Four-Poster Bed - complex
Tempting Switch - complex

2b. Four-Poster Bed , to craft:
Magical Breakfast - Ch17 (720 stamina), O5
Safari Hat - Ch17 (720 stamina), O5
Dark Disguise - complex
Mask Of The Cake Eater - complex

2c. Dark Disguise , to craft:
Fa Family Shears - FFS Plan, Raspbeary Cake, Tough Cookie - 2418 stamina (below Chapter 12)
Mist Maker - Conspicuous Apple (18+114+114), Mist Maker (480), Love Bug (480) - 1204 stamina (below Chapter 12)
Wicked Beats - 114 stamina (Ch 4/7)
Princess Finder - 114 stamina (Ch 4/7)
Total: 3840 stamina

2d. Mask Of The Cake Eater , to craft: Aquarium Tag - 1200 stamina (Ch 7/14) Wicked Beats - 114 stamina (Ch 4/7) Total: 1314 stamina

2e. Tempting Switch , to craft:
Lucky Cricket - Ch18 (720 stamina), O6
Unicorn Dreams - Ch18 (720 stamina), O6
Gummibeary Juice - Pigasus (342 stamina) - below Ch12, GJ Plan (1200 stamina) - Ch11/17, Unbirthday Hat (1200 stamina) - Ch8/9
Oo De Lally Lute - ODLL Plan (1200 stamina) - Ch10/16, You Can Fly! (114 stamina) - Ch5/12, Air Hercs (480 stamina) - Ch6/11 Total: 5976 stamina

Overall for Gurgi: 5976+1314+3840+1440+2400+2400 = 17370 stamina

Overall for Deal Gone Wrong: 17370 (Gurgi) + 13794 (Multi-Colored Dress) + 2800 (ROR Omega ROR) + 2800 (Love´s Light) = 36764 stamina, roughly 610 stamina consumables

All and all as you can see lowering stamina (or adding a guild perk to lower stamina) in early chapters would drastically decrease the amount of stamina needed to craft high or low badges regardless.

Besides, the complicated purple and orange badges (usually the bottom ones in the lists (1c and 2e) cost the most stamina in the whole badge tree.


If one was to hoard free / 50 diamond stamina, 37k stamina is around 1 week’s worth. For 1 badge :grimacing:

And yeah, the amount of purple & orange badges required is insane. I used something like 30 Trial Resets during the Triple Drop over Christmas, and have today once again run out of Raspbeary Cake. :persevere:

Every sort of resource event or improvement that gets introduced is always cancelled out by some sort of increased requirement an update or 2 down the line.


I said it previously, there are two options.

Either decreasing the amount of purple bits needed to craft a purple badge. Might be unfavorable for devs and maybe more difficult to pull off even.


Simply decreasing (or having a guild perk to decrease) the amount of stamina one needs to raid earlier chapters. My idea would let people at max guild perk to raid Chapters 1-6 with only 1 stamina instead of 6, meaning 6x more whatever bits or badges there are. Chapters 7-12 would cost 2 stamina etc.

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I just don’t see why the new badges need to get progressively more & more complex and costly. The badges don’t create themselves - someone in the design dept. has sat down and considered that this badge (eg. the example from the original post) would have all of these crafting requirements to build.

It’s totally unnecessary, stamina gain & costs would be perfectly fine if they stopped creating new badges that go about 50 layers deep and all use the exact same old bits


The badge has FIVE layers. Like what the hell? That´s basically 2^5 = 32 badges to craft. 32 x 1200 = 38400 stamina, just above what I calculated. Coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO!


The stamina and badge costs as well as the badge creation complexity being too much in general with so many layers.

Though, the best way to combat high badge costs are to try to grind as efficiently as possible as in terms of the badge grind as that way you can cut off a lot of stamina costs.
Chapter 29 are in the works, but yeah at least so far we have Chapter 1-28 :-).

Like Stage 17-1 is really a good example as there you get 3-4 good badges at once that you need, so that means that you are closer to 1.5-3 stamina per badge bit instead of 6 stamina for 1 badge bit :-).

Still, I definitely agree that the stamina costs need to be done with, directly cost related with either lowering the bit cost requirement per badge like lowering 50 bits costing Purple badges from 50 bits to 25 bits, or lowering the stages’s stamina cost like 6 stamina to 3 stamina.

However there are other ways to go about the stamina and badge cost balance issue, like increasing the drop rate of a badge from like 25% to like 35%-40%/50% which would help as well a fair amount. I know we technically have perk that increase drop chance kind of, but that’s just by 3% so don’t really count in my view.

Another way which in my view would be among the best would be to have the Trial badges rotate seasonally if not monthly, this way we aren’t grinding specific badges like to having 2000-3000+ of them as that’s at a point we don’t need them.
Badge diversity in the Trials would be among the best ways to fix the badge economy issue in my view as that way it is partly due to stagnation in terms of the Trial badges as we get tons of them which while helpful leads to having too much of them as such not useable.
So yeah, having Trials have its badges rotate seasonally if not monthly would be one of the most effective ways to ensure that we more likely have the badges we need.

Bringing back the Badge Deals for diamonds that were around in 2018 if not early 2019 too I think also would be an idea as they can be helpers in terms of getting badges for other ways than just stamina. This is an old picture of mine:

These days I assume it would have been Red badges for that price, so don’t think about about the badges and the diamond price in the sense of the costs these days.

The weird thing in that I feel like after I mentioned the fact that before we had Badge deals for diamonds and for money before, it kind of feels like I inspired PerBlue to bring back the Badges for money deals, however seem like PerBlue chose to not bring back the Badge deals for diamonds unfortunately. Here are a newer badge deal for diamonds that either a few days or week old.

Here an another example and is from around the end of December:

While I understand F2P players who only have the diamonds they use in the game basically aren’t supposed to like have as good deals as the P2Wers, but I don’t see why there can’t be an lower scale alternative for F2P players with Badge deals for diamonds.
I understand we would maybe just more so get 2-3 of the badges more so, but that would still be something and help a lot still in my view.

So yeah, that would be my thoughts on the stamina and badge cost balance issue situation for the most part.

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I feel like the future badges should start dropping the necessity of crafting purple bits. And maybe divert from using overly complex badges inside completely.

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Would be nice and good, which could make sense going from the next rank color badges as it is basically a new start kind of depending on how PerBlue go about the next rank color badges :-).

When thinking about it, it will be interesting to see if the first ranks in terms of the next color rank will be easier to complete than like R17, like since the rank start at 0 again. If so we should be able to catch up some better badge wise I think for our other characters.

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Just for everyone:

Red badge = BIT + BIT + Complex + Complex
Complex = BIT-A + BIT-A + Complex-A + Complex-A

for Orange:

Orange badge = BIT + BIT + Complex
Complex = BIT-A + BIT-A + Complex

What I described is the typical structure of a badge at high Red ranks. As you can see, when you have amount of levels of complexity you can pretty much sum up the stamina you need.

In the first post, I counted five levels like that. Red badge need exponential amount of badges and Orange is a multiplier from the example above.

Red = 2^5 = 32
Orange = 2x5 = 10

32 x 1200 = 38400 stamina, a bit above the counted amount in the first post
10 x 1200 = 12000 stamina, what I expected or thereabouts.

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They go on and on about how they want to improve our game experience, close the gap between F2P and P2P, help us progress better in game… but they have never addressed the biggest issue of this game - Badges!

Badge crafting system is too complex. And like you all said, to craft 1 single Badge, we need multiple smaller ones. Why??? Why is that???

It’s hard enough to bring my (and many other players’) heroes to 4 ranks below latest rank (my main ones, obviously) but they never think it is the main problem people quit. They blame it on everything but fail to see which matters the most. Too late cap raise between updates? The nerf on heroes? People getting bored? They really think that’s the main reason???

Yesterday, when I worked on Honey Lemon, there were purple badges for her that cost 2k stamina, under x2 normal drop! What in the world is that??? Purple badges are useless now, why do they cost that much??? Do you guys really even play this game or it is just a lie???

50, 40, 30 bits per badges are ridiculously high. It should be 20, 15, 10 AND the drop rate should be increased. That’s how you keep your players around. Every update, my patience grow thinner and thinner. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with this anymore… It’s exhausting!!!


I think these two statements are as good a summary of the problem as one is likely to find. While it’s true that nearly everyone will have a surplus of many of the lower-level badge bits to help lower those costs, I was still paying 4000-5000 stamina for quite a few R12-R14 badges while using a double drop over the weekend, so that surplus only goes so far in helping.

That’s roughly 3000 bits, or 60 full badges, equal to what one could expect from 30 weeks of normal Team Trial farming, gone in about 2 weeks. And yet there are Team Trial badges for which I have well over 10,000 bits, because those badges simply aren’t used much at all. Is this imbalance intentional?

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Overall the biggest problem I find in Trials is that the lower bits always end up at “5-6”. If they continued to go up, the problem will be far less evident.

Let´s see. You get 1-2 of the highest available badge (ETE difficulty in all servers - Just Married for Red, Escape Balloon for Blue and Toby for Yellow).
Then 2-3 for the previous highest available badge, 3-4 for Highest-2 difficulty, 4-5 for Highest-3 difficulty and 5-6 for all badges at or below Highest-4 difficulty.

Raspbeary Cake is overall the 4th badge in Blue Team Trials, from 31 difficulties. If the Badge Bits in Trials continued to raise beyond 5-6, you would get 28-29 bits per loot.
@Polaris that is in fact what would tremendously help players across all the ranks, because purple badges are the heaviest considering the stamina to craft atm.

And as said by Pipsqueak

What I said about extending the gradual gain of Trial Bits is exactly the right answer to this.


Right now I had Deal Gone Wrong badge in Badge Bazaar for 96,209 Badge Tokens.
We get 175,000 Badge Tokens in Invasion every week in old servers (128,500 in S21-24).

I ask, how many big badges can one buy off the Badge Bazaar every week @Polaris ? Multiplied by 4x it´s per cap raise. My disappointment is HUGE. :frowning:

Can the team PLEASE change the Badge Bazaar to take the amount of Badge Tokens equal to the amount of Stamina used (at the very least) any time soon?

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That’s top cheap for PB…

Something like 20k tokens for expensive badges would be fair tho

The sad thing this they don’t care,
@Polaris , i think he should be something like “community manager” don’t even respond, saying something like we take notice or anything…

Sad sad sad

You don’t know if Polaris is a “he”…

It’s typical, actually. But I think the reason they don’t usually respond to feedback is to not confirm anything that’ll happen in the future.

Nice correction bro

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