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Hey guys! Bendy here! I just came out with my latest Hero Overview for Dash! Really excited about it and I hope you guys enjoy!

Did I miss any tips related to Dash? Drop them down below!

If you would like to help with future tier lists by offering suggestions for changes, we now have a survey you can fill out anytime so that your responses are more likely to be discussed on the next stream! You may do so here: https://forms.gle/DGsG4gtFs5xXsaWQ8

If you don’t know who I am, Hi, I’m Bendy! I’m a YouTuber that primarily creates a wide variety of Disney Heroes content, from tips and guides to arena, coliseum, and war fighting! Come join the fun! Thank you so much if you watch even a few minutes of my content, it truly means a lot!

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGPXPUXGQSGcpFh00k7PSA


@TotallyNotDash You gotta see This


Bookmarked for Later!

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Yes! Everyone is using Dash because he deals a decent amount of damage. Would be great if he got a refresh. :grin:

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He already IS broken. He doesn’t need that, and if something it’s called a nerf… Violet’s disk would enough, it just killed shields.

I would love that! Put him on the same level as the new heroes!

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That’s what he does below Red. Anything above Red and the damage he does increased dramatically. :woozy_face:

He’s actually at the same level as most of the new heroes when he has his Vi disk at 5 stars and Red Skill unlocked.

(Also, he actually got buffed around the very beginning of this game, so if he didn’t receive that buff, he’d be way different.)


Well, to be technical, he needs his red skill to be that top-tier powerhouse he’s capable of being.

I’ve seen a surprising number of Dashes who were in the red ranks but lacking his red skill; they weren’t very hard to defeat.


Fought you :wink: @TotallyNotDash




I suck at team making, lol. Congrats either way. :sweat_smile:


The speed up is essential. Level 1 Red Skill Dash is good.
Maxed Level Red Skill Dash is astronomical. But so are many meta characters :man_shrugging:

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à quel point il est bon au niveau 135?

A ce niveau, je dirais qu’il est bon mais moins bon quand il est au max.

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