Hero positioning in battle

Heroes always have the same positioning in battle. Meaning for example when selecting your team Yax will never be positioned in front of Nick. I’ve decided to compile a list for the order heroes are in battle. (When doing this I noticed heroes with their position as mid are always in front of those with the position back, and behind those with the position front.)

Heroes are ordered with those farthest to the left first. (So for positions it will be back, mid, then front.) I have also listed their roles.

  • Back Position
    Kevin Flynn - Support
    Eve - Damage
    Jack-Jack - Damage
    Mike Wazowski - Damage
    Buzz Lightyear - Damage
    Calhoun - Damage
    Frozone - Control
    Yax - Support
    Nick Wilde - Damage
    Tia Dalma - Control
    Vanellope - Damage

  • Mid Position
    Wall-E - Control
    Emperor Zurg - Damage
    Woody - Support
    Violet - Support
    Dash - Damage
    Elastigirl - Damage
    Finnick - Control
    Judy Hopps - Support

  • Front Position
    Jessie - Damage
    Jack Sparrow - Damage
    Quorra - Damage
    Rex - Tank
    Chief Bogo - Tank
    Ralph - Tank
    Felix - Tank
    Mr. Incredible - Tank
    Sulley & Boo - Tank

These last few heroes I haven’t unlocked yet so I don’t know exactly where to place them. Once I have unlocked them they will be added to the list above.

  • Back Position
    Hector Barbossa - Damage

I noticed today that my Jesse was in line with Sulley and Ralph which surprised me. I stupidly assumed putting two tanks in front of her would keep her alive long enough to use her white, now I’ve seen she’s front line it’s pointless.
For someone so weak you’d expect her to be mid or back line. Well, I expected her to be anyway.

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Best thing you can do here is to have supports like Violet shielding her long enough for her to jump in and do some damage, restoring her own life again.

I have a list of front/mid/back heroes compiled - just toggle the position at the top of the page - http://dh.bezumn.ru/h

If anyone is interested, i can add the sort with the exact value of positioning from game files


Also with one of her skills she jumps right amongst the enemies just like Mr. Incredible. I think what Fire_Fly said about using violet would be a good idea to try. Maybe Mr. Incredible would be helpful too. (I figure maybe he would take some of those attacks if he jumps in soon enough.)

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Since I just unlocked Eve I have added her position to the list. She ends up behind Jack-Jack.

Another update to the list. Both Quorra, and Tia Dalma have been added. I got Quorra a few days ago but didn’t update right aways since I knew I would be getting Tia Dalma today.

Quorra fits in between Jack Sparrow, and Rex.

Tia Dalma fits between Nick, and Vanellope but still might have other heroes between her and them since there are still 3 back position heroes I don’t know where to place yet.

As I get more new heroes I will update again.

@Snow This was a great idea to list their positions! I can’t say anything for Barbossa myself, but I know Kevin is before EVE, and Buzz is between Mike and Calhoun (so it would be Kevin, EVE, Jack-Jack, Mike, Buzz, and Calhoun, then the rest of the list).

Great job all the same! :smiley:

Glad you like the idea. :slight_smile: It doesn’t seem like a lot of people are interested in it. But for the few that are or anyone that it helps makes it totally worthwhile.

And thanks for the info on those heroes. I’ve added them to the list. :slight_smile:

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Can someone explain to me why we can’t control the positioning of all of our heroes?

The positioning is based on what the heros do, and were they will work best in battle. By the was awsome list helped me a lot when makeing my new team.

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You must remember, people like jesse actually avoid long ranged attacks because they in the same line as sulley and ralph.
Because she is in the same line, phenomenas can occur.

White heroes are neglible in certain levels.

@Snow I’ve gotten every Hero to date and am more than happy to help you fill a few spots on your list:

  • Barbossa is between Kevin Flynn and EVE.

  • Stitch is between Yax and Frozone.

  • Merida is between Tia Dalma and Nick.

  • Maui is in front of Sulley & Boo, so he’d be the closest Hero to date.

I got your back pal! :smiley:


The only positioning I don’t really like is Zurg’s. He has so little armour and yet he’s so close to the front so he dies a lot :tired_face:
I don’t really use Violet either. Most of the heroes I use are damage :confused:

Hector is behind Flynn. Just a heads up.

Edit: I just realized my mistake. Flynn is behind Hector.

@Snow Next updated Hero wave for you! :smiley:

  • Moana is between Elastigirl and Dash.

  • Aladdin is between Jessie and Judy.

  • Genie is between Zurg and WALL-E.

  • Hiro is between Woody and Zurg.

  • Baymax is between Bogo and Rex.

Hope this helps!

Hi, is there a strategy to fight?

For example which are the weakest of the enemies?

How should I fight a Heroe that is Tank, Damage, Support, …

that depends. for example, sully dont have armor, so a team with jack sparrow, merida, barbossa can help a lot (normal damage).
another example is quorra, who gives damage based on enemy max health (purple skill). she’s great against tanks.
zurg lost a lot of his capacity against enemys with silence (rex, tia)
and that goes on. each enemy team has a weakness, and u gotta use that against them

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