Hero Refresh Suggestions

I am on server 18 so these heroes might be OK on higher servers . So i thought i would give some suggestions and see what all of you thought.I probably wont put numbers as i think it will get more confusing. Gonna start with Genie and Jack-Jack

White Skill: Three Wishes
Genie Grants 3 wishes the first, second and third Heal the weakest Team Member for x. Genie Can’t Heal Himself

Green Skill: Makeover:
Genie turns a random enemy into an object, stunning them for 5 seconds. When the target reverts to their normal form, they are dealt x damage. After reverting the target does 25% reduced damage for 5 seconds.

Units transformed by this skill are untargetable. This skill has a chance to fail against enemies higher than level x.

Blue Skill: Wish Master
Genies wishes can now effect himself at 50% reduced effectiveness (this reduction counts for purple skill and friendship passives)

Purple Skill: Cosmic Power
Genies first wish also damages the weakest enemy for the same amount
Genies second wish also grants 7 Second invulnerability
Genies third wish also gives 500 energy to the target
First does reduced damage on enemies higher then x and Second and Third have a chance to fail on allies higher then x.

Friendship Mike: Genies First wish now gives genies allied target a shield for 120% per star(600% maximum) of his skill power as a shield. Genies damage portion of his first wish now decreases an enemies cooldown rate by 10% per star (50% max) for 1 second(s) per star (5 seconds max). +Skill power

Friendship Elsa: Now also increases attack speed by 5% per star (25% max). + Basic Damage

To be more clear on this second part of the mike friendship If Merida had 3 seconds left on the cooldown before she could cast her Green Skill from min to max stars it would slow down making it 3.3-4.5 seconds before she will cast it again

Genie White can now heal himself after blue but at a reduced amount and all passive for his white are now on his purple. Gave Makeover a little love and more control. Thought he could use more survivability so gave him a chance to heal himself now especially if he is solo hero left. Purple i Added the damage to so he has some more impact in fights. His friendship with Elsa i thought would be more usable with an attack speed boost to get more freezes off. So i nerfed his current shield to make room for a second passive on the damage portion of his first wish which i think is OK. would love to hear your opinions =)

Ill add Jack-Jack soon. =)

White Skill: Bouncing Baby
Jack-Jack turns into a cannonball. He bounces between enemies 6 times, dealing x damage to each enemy hit. If no enemy is near he will bounce on the target he is currently attacking. Max 3 hits per enemy.

Green Skill: Snack Break
Quicker Animation. And for a nice visual maybe different snacks eg he summons a cookie jar and eats a cookie the throws a jar

Blue Skill: Rock A Bye
Now Also Stuns target for .5 seconds

Purple Skill: Jack-Jack Atttack
2nd Passive: Makes Jack-Jack immune to Freeze

Friendship Violet:Auto Attacks are now effected by Jack-Jack Attack and do fantastic damage. 7% per star attack speed increase (35%max). Heals for 2% per star (10% max) when damaging burning enemies. Has a 2 second cd between procs.
+Basic Damage. +Basic Damage per Burning Target

Friendship: Chief Bogo: Rock A Bye now hits multiple enemies and Increases stun by 0.1 second per star(0.5 max). Refunds 20%per star (100% max) of Rock A bye cooldown if it defeats an enemy.
+Skill Power. +Heal if Enemy Dies

OK added some more flavor to Jack-Jack making his ult bounce more and OK for single target. I think his green is fine but too slow so id just up the animation plus i think it would be cool for him to have different type of snacks. Blue added the mini stun from his friendship and Increased it with said friendship. His purple is suppose to make him on fire so thought maybe he shouldn’t be able to be frozen. Added Survivability to his friendships and added a cd to the violet one as i think it might of been broken without it >.<. OK tell me what you think =).

I think you way over complicated genie. I like that you squished his blue and purple skills into one skill, but I don’t like that his white skill does damage. It kinda subtracts from his identity as a healer.

Yea i understand that i may have packed too much into it all XD. Mostly just ideas that could help him. I feel he needs more damage in his kit so maybe instead of the hex on purple put my damage there instead so white skill stay the same as it is now on live and purple would now read Genie also damages the weakest enemy for the same amount

I also think i may have over complicated his third wishes energy change so i am gonna edit it back to normal

He isn’t meant to do damage though. A refresh doesn’t change a hero’s identity, it makes the identity more clear.

@Gjmguy These days, it actually does.

And topic is all about Genie, well… he needs a big refresh.

I’ve edited it again in the end i went with my original idea but I’ve changed the mike friendship with something i think is unique

just these two?

are you working on others?

yea i am working on frozone next

White Skill: Stay Frosty
Passive: Frozones auto attacks slow enemy attack and movement speed by 10% stacking 9 times with a 5 second duration, Frozones next auto attacks against an enemy fully stacked gets frozen for 8 seconds and removes the debuff.
This has a chance to to only last 2 seconds versus enemies higher the level x

Active: Frozone throws ice at foes, freezing them for 4 seconds.
The freeze has a chance to only last for 2 second(s) on enemies higher than level x

Green Skill: Cold Front
Now also Applies 4 stacks Of Stay Frosty

Blue Skill: Ice Wall
Frozone Summons an impassable ice wall behind the front most enemy blocking vision to enemies on the other side. It has the same max health as Frozone, 50% of his armor and 25% of his realty. Lasts 7 seconds unless destroyed. Enemy abilities can go past the wall eg. Merida white/green, Violet White/Purple. initial cooldown 5 seconds. Cooldown 16 seconds

Purple Skill: Frost Bite
Shooting Stay Frost through Ice Wall creates an Ice Spike which does x damage and passively makes enemies take x damage while frozen

Friendship Mr. Incredible: Stay Frosty increases allies armor by x for 4 seconds per star (20seconds max) with each cast,can stack. Each Stack increases a tanks damage by 1% per star (5%max) stacking up to 5 times.+ x Armor

Friendship Eve: While Ice wall is standing allies heal for x per second. Increases Ice wall Duration by 1 second+.5 seconds per star (3 second max), Increase Teams Realty Negation by 4 per star(20 max). +x healing

OK there we go Condensed Frozones Blue and white So added a new blue skill which i tied into his updated purple and Eve friendship. Also tried to make Mr.Incredible’s friendship still Tank friendly but not reliant on them fully. Any questions? I hope its OK ill be working on Mr.Incredible next and probably updating Jack-Jack a little bit too.