Hero refreshes in your opinion

What is the hero that needs a refresh the most in your option other than the starter heroes. In my opinion darkwing, Jack Skellington, barbossa, Basil, and king Louie

Zurg, Basil, and Baymax need it most imo

Zurg, Darkwing, Kevin Flynn, King Louie, Basil, Mike. Those are the ones I think that need a refresh.

Definitely not. His skillset is good and semi-modern

I meant to put Mike Wazowski instead of Megavolt

Many. RALPH, Darkwing, Mike, Shank, Miguel, Judy, Woody, even Bo Peep at this point…

Besides people’s suggestions: Alice, Rex, Jack Sparrow, Tia Dalma, Ursula, Miguel, maybe Scar and Maleficent, Sally, Shank. Some may not need full refreshes, but slight buffs at least would be nice (this could come in red skills or otherwise)

cough stitches red skill cough

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