Hero statistics


I see “reality” mentioned alot on characters, but what does it do?


Reality and Armor is like the same thing that mitigates damage.

  • Reality is for mitigating Fantastic Damage

  • Armor is for mitigating Normal Damage

  • Reality and Armor are useless against True Attacks, like Stitch’s 626 Scuffle and Maui’s Active Skill

I’m not sure if this is accurate, but I hope it clears it up.


Well, in the ingame help menu it is stated that

Each point makes the Hero feel like they have 10 more HP against Damage

So yeah, feels accurate.


Oh! So reality is like the shield for fantastic dmge?


Not necessarily. Having it as a shield isn’t wrong per se but not entirely accurate. As stated in that quote every point of reality reduces fantastic damage by 10 for each point of it. Same with armor to normal damage. Think of it as such:

Hero X takes Y damage from Hero Z. Y= Z damage - X defense times 10. If the damage is true then you ignore a heroes defenses. One can infer that Brutes has some ridiculous armor stat like 99999 for them to be completely immune to it. Same for skeletons and reality and the enemies in both versions of port.

Now one thing the game doesn’t explain to my knowledge is if there are diminishing returns on it. One has to assume that at some point it has to because otherwise some heroes would be immune to specific damage especially if there is a big enough level/power gap. Like say a lvl 50 Bogo has 2k armor and you face a lvl 10 Dash who does 200 basic damage. (Not actual numbers just a what if scenario.) Now even though the Dash has no chance of winning, I imagine he is still able to damage Bogo. Yet the math wouldn’t support it because 200-20000 would make the damage negative. Obviously a hero can’t heal an enemy by attack so there has to be some point that the math is overwritten. Now I haven’t tested it so I could be wrong and in fact a hero can be completely immune to a damage type but I don’t think such a system would be in place just from a mechanical standpoint. That is something which requires testing to figure out one way or another.