Hero Suggestions?

Are there any hero’s we would like?

Hello @Sour_Grapes

Who would u like?

I’m thinkin Pocahontis

Heroes I would recommend are Anna from Frozen 2, Fear from Inside Out, and a character from Phineas & Ferb

I think Anna would make a great entry!

Really fits the fall season

Mhm she does

I know right?

Fear and Pete

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Della duck because Ducktales season 3 is almost done or Gosalyn because of the Darkwing duck episode

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Good ideas!

I like it :+1:t5:

PB has said no princesses (Anna is not even a princess) until 2021.

Cruella de vil and Kermit


Oh ok, that kinda sucks

“SO ITS GONNA BE FOREVER“ - Taylor Swift (2020)

This is how I feel about that Princess fact

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Yeah. But 2021 is not far behind. Cool name by the way. Is that a reference to the song?

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No it’s not a reference lol and I know we’re close it just feel so far away🥺

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Oh ok. If you are a theater fan or a fan of Owl House check out the song Little Miss Perfect.

I hope that we will get Anna next year!

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