Hero Tier List - Server 21, Patch 2.2

Hey everyone, wanted to post an updated tier list that I’ve been working on for Server 21. I appreciate any comments or feedback!

Background: Server 21 heroes, level 135, rank R0. All heroes are maxed and tested, and if they aren’t then I seek the opinions of fellow players who have. Designated Invasion Boss and Heist heroes for your convenience. Heroes are arranged alphabetically in each section, NOT in order of best -> worst.

Please remember that these are opinions to be used as guidance and are not set in stone.

Huge thanks to @Emitz and his tier lists for inspiration and reference.


The overall list seems fine but personally I would for future reference use the green as the the tier and role seperators and have the white be the background for the actual hero listing. The readability of this tier list isn’t the greatest in my opinion.

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Two Things…Gizmo(Duke) Should be Invasion boss as same to mushu…Mushu is good damage dealer for yellow invasion.


Thanks! We struggled with having the yellow against a white background, but I’ll play around with it and see if we can figure something out

I haven’t tried gizmo in invasion yet as my yellow team is pretty solid, but I’ll give it try the next time it comes around!

In My server…Top guilds…go billions and billion in invasion…Reason- Everyone KnOws Gizmo

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Gizmo Is red.(But can be used in any invasion)
Well BTW whats ur solid yellow teamM

Great work!

Looks good! Thanks

Ah yes, Genie’s Miguel disk is my favourite disk in game lol

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Sure, for the last yellow invasion my team was Beast, Kida, Mim, Mulan, Joy. I used Miguel early in the week but he just wasn’t healing enough on the last couple of days.

Next time I’m gonna be trying Li Shang, Beast, Mim, Mulan, and at your suggestion, Gizmo. I may swap out Beast so I can also test Mushu.

I have one problem with this. Shank is bad, but definitely not worse than Rex. I’d say right above Ralph is more accurate.


Well… there are many things I disagree with here, but that’s about opinions. The list itself is very well made :+1:

My point was, Genie never had a disk with Miguel, as it says on the list.

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Probably means mike since they’d both have the same hexagon.

Nice…Mulan is insane…alot…Mushu is good …
For Invasion- U can use Mr I(El) for armor shredding
U can use Elasticgirl (ja) for reality shredding.

Oopsie! I was referencing the (Mi) notation in game and didn’t check which one it actually was.

Miguel is my favorite disc for Genie, too! :joy:

Okay lol :upside_down_face:

I will discuss with Greg when we do the next update, although each section is listed alphabetically, so Shank would technically go below Ralph. :wink: Unless you see her as in B tier instead?

Oh, I thought you had arranged them by viability in the tiers. My bad.

Yep Shank is situationally good, so B would work

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