Hero Wish List- Cars Characters

Cars is a beloved Disney movie series which is loved by so many people and it has got so cool and interesting which can be added to the game, so I request you to add Cars’ Character in the game.

They are too big, no.


How about Oswald he’s my favorite Disney Character ever and he will be interesting in the battlefield and it’s also Mickeys canon Brother

They can easily scale them down. And with Sisu being taller than a normal car I really don’t believe that’s the reason why they aren’t added.

I could see that them not having a distinct/interesting moveset is more an issue. Sure some would have a few different abilities like Mater has a hook. But they’d for the most part be able to only do the same thing.

I always felt Cars didn’t really fit into the Disney Infinity universe and I kinda feel that way about them here too. But I wouldn’t be upset with their inclusion.

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