Hero wish list ideas

Little John, sheriff of Nottingham,prince John from Robin hood. Smee from pan. The jungle book characters, the black Cauldron characters and Gummi bears heroes and villans. I think the Jose and Pedro the caballeros. Pete and darkwing villans. Arthur , Glomgold , figment the dragon.

I want mushu from mulan


Hello, my idea for a new character would have to be Bolt. He has three out of four skills. I’m sure it’s not hard to find a 4th. I have a idea if this helps.


Donald duck

Carpet from Aladdin

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Humphrey bear,Morgana macabre.tramp,Pluto,briar rabbit,Firefly and alligator from frog princess, the big bad wolf.murdock the evil wizard Ducktales. Eda the owl lady.

I’d love to see characters from Atlantis, but can understand if lack of material for abilities. Although I can see many options for characters from Mulan (if so using they main verse from “I’ll make a man out of you” for abilities would be awesome).

Jim from Treasure Planet.

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