Hero Wishlist


Idk guys will be added but here’s my idea of how they would work.

Fred 1 star front line Damage Hero
Passive - Fred makes all his basic attacks do Splash Fire damage.
Active - Fred Jumps Up and sets all enemies aflame.
Green - Super Jump!
Fred has a 25% Chance to Dodge an attack eve rub 13.0 seconds.
Blue - Fred’s Angels
Fred gives all his allies extra Basic damage equal to a quarter of his health. This boost lasts 10 seconds and this skill can only be used every 20 seconds
Purple - Don’t Worry Its Just A Suit
Fred gains an extra X Reality
Memory Disks -
Fred - Hiro
Spring shoes
Super Jump now deals X Basic Damage to Enemies
Fred - Baymax
Front And Back
Fred’s basic attacks now ignore Shields

M-0 2 star mid line Support Hero
White - Cleaning Sweep
M-0 goes across the field twice dealing X Fantastic Damage and Applying ‘Cleaned’ to Allies for 10 seconds. (Allies with ‘Cleaned heal X Hp per second)
Green - Following His Tracks
M-0 studies an enemy and stuns them for X seconds.
Blue - Lil’ Robot Rage
M-0 attacks the weakest enemy for X True Damage
Purple - Cleaning Supplies
‘Cleaned’ is now given to enemies and does X Fantastic Damage instead of healing.
Memory Disks-
M-0 - Baymax
Healthcare Cleanliness
Cleaned Allies Heal More

M-0 - Wall-E
Dirty Treads
Lil Robot Rage now targets the Strongest Enemy.

Randal 3 star Front line Tank Hero
White - Scream Power
Randal opens a scream canister stunning enemies and allies alike dealing X Fantastic Damage to Enemies
Green - Wazowski!
Randal goes invisable for 10 seconds before scaring an enemy. This skill can only be used every 12.5 seconds after scaring an enemy.
Blue - Bat to The Head
The First Time Randal’ s hp falls to 0 he Scares the weakest enemy and heals X hp.
Purple - Top Scarer
Randal’s Scares now last longer.
Memory Disk-
Randal - Sulley and Boo
Closet Monster
Randal Starts every wave invisanle

Sora 1 star Back line Tank hero
White - My Friends Are My Power
Sora gives himself extra power equal to half his current hp
Green - Cure
Sora casts Cure healing the weakest Ally for X Hp
Blue - Donald! Goofy!
Sora summons Donald and goofy for 10 seconds. Donald does Fantastic Damage And Goofy does Basic Damage. This skill can only be used once per wave when sora falls below half hp.
Purple - Keyblade Master
Sara’s Basic attacks now apply ‘Unlocked’ for 10 seconds. (White skills will always Crit against Unlocked enemies)
Memory Disk-
Sora - Mickey
Keyblade Bud
Sora’s basic attacks hit multiple enemies

Oogie Boogie 2 star front line Control Hero
White - Kidnap Sandy Claws
Oogie Boogie Send Lock Shock And Barrel across the screen dealing X Fantastic Damage.
Green - Die Roulette
Oogie Boogie Rolls 2 Die. If the result is even he heals for X hp. If odd he attacks a random enemy for X Fantastic Damage
Blue - More than he seams
When Oogie Boogie dies 1,000 bugs spill out of him dealing X Basic Damage.
Purple - Boogie Song
Oogie Boogie gains an extra X Armour.
Memory Disks-
Oogie - Jack (Skellington)
Sandy Claws?!
Kidnap The Sandy claws deals more damage to shielded enemies.

Oogie - Sally
Seam Together
More than he seams now give ally tank units extra X Basic Damage

Oogie - Jack (Sparrow)
Ship Shape
Oogie Boogie’s basic attacks now have a chance to stun the enemy.

Oogie - Mike
Scare Teacher
Oogie Boogie gains an extra X Hp per ally of Damage role.

Oogie - Hades
Underworld Gambler
Die Roulette is guaranteed Odd results.

Clown 1 star Tank Hero
White - Tear Away Face!
Clown tears his face off scaring all enemies for X seconds. This skill also deals X damage to Clown.
Green - LA! LA! LA! LALA! LA!
Clown chants giving his allies X Armour
Blue - Lead Paint
Clown throws a bucket of lead paint at the enemy for X damage and applies Poison
Purple - This is halloween!
Clown turns invisable at the beginning of every wave
Memory Disks-
Clown - Jack (Skellington)
Pumpkin King
Clowns Scares last longer

Clown - Eve
Open Paint
Lead Paint now applies splash damage and now stacks Poison.

Clown - Olaf
Tearifying hug
This is halloween’s invisibility only triggers at wave 3 but lasts longer.

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After creating this post I see eve rub. Thank you autocorrect for reading every with eve rub



Sora is exclusively from Kingdom Hearts. Perblue couldn’t ever use him as a character without copyright issues.

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Eh. It is a longshot but If it happens either copywright claim or perblue gets permission to use him. Sora was the only iffy one on here when making this.



Yes indeed. No to KH being in game. And dats final



Yay! Oof this is a lot of sets…isnt KH a videogame?



How exactly does a Back Line Tank work? The purpose of a tank is to stay in front and absorb damage… There’s not many characters who specifically target the back line and only the back line - most damage to the back line is caused by AoE attacks…




I mea n it could theoreticallybe used to stop Woody?



I want Mulan but not Mushu, I can’t stand that lizard

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Yay!! I am not the only one who hates Mushu!! Especially after number 2



Y u have hate 4 him? I like Mushu, and I’m alright with him if he came to the game. Besides, a disney princess needs her sidekick.



Honestly, I think that Mushu should be a part of one Mulan’s skill, no more.



I wish every disney princess _ joke



@Boat_snack , while I can see Sora getting in, I don’t think he should summon Donald and Goofy as one of his skills, especially since Donald and Goofy would make more sense as separate characters.

Also, when you say the Clown, are you talking about the clown with the Tearaway face from The Nightmare Before Christmas? If so, you do realize he’s not a main character like as Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie are, right?



Only a few disney princesses make sense in game: Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, and Possibly Jasmine


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I like to think as outside of the box with this and yes Clown w/tear away face is what I mean with the clown character



What do you mean on the “stunning enemies and allies alike



He means both enemies and allies are stunned.



Oh ok Thanks @The_Eggsdropper



But…what is the point of that? Seems useless???