Hero XP and Skill upgrades are getting really pricey

Guys. There a couple of things I need to talk about.
Ones is the Hero XP is getting really high.

And the other is that skill upgrades are costing me money and gold.

And to top it all off. I can’t seem to have XP help since my primary team is above 210! WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Maybe leave Mr I behind. He isn’t worth the effort to rank up.

That’s not what they’re asking for, also their Mr. Incredible is amazing, he ain’t bad at all.
By the way Welcome to the forums.


Mr I is ok for one invasion and heists, if you have limited resources then there are more well rounded heroes to work on in my opinion.
If Turbo were to focus on heroes that mattered his stamina / xp would be more meaningful

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