Heroes I want added

Here’s a list of heroes I want to be added
Scrooge McDuck
Donald Duck
Kim Possible (I know she’s already confirmed)
Winnie the Pooh
Claude Frollo
Mayor Belleweather
Shere Khan
Cruella de Vil
Captain Hook
Linguini and Remy
Lightning McQueen
Mr and Mrs Potato Head
White Rabbit
King Louie

That’s all
Who do you want to come to the game


This is a pretty awesome list. My favorites that I hope to be added are Donald Duck, Forky, Winnie the Pooh, Cruella, and Capt. Hook


Nice choices


I made a lighting mcqueen conoect 2 days ago do you want to check it out?

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I’ve seen it
And I liked it
Good job


I also done tow mater conpect and planing to do dou hero concpect off dory hank do you think i maybe should change my green skill off my lighting mcqueen concpet to improve it?

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I’ve also seen that one
Your concepts are pretty good
I don’t care what haters say

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No your Concept is fine
No need to improve it

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I thought about also doing a concpet on rendal boggs since no one touched this vilian and its fiting since its right before halloween will arrive

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Randall would be a great concept

I really want a character that promotes friend discs or bonds between characters. Someone like the agent from lilo & stitch who would have an ability to give any characters from the same universe or area a boost; like boosting Ralph’s stuns when vanellope is around.

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By the way scrooge mcduck is confirmed i seen he is appearing in the dialog off the friendship campigan off dewy huey and louie with joy since he has cameo there it means scrooge mcduck is coming soon as for ariel she must come in november since the little mermaid will have live action version and 30 years aniversty so both will comr for sure

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Yeah I feel like that’s the best way to guess character additions. Notice that the game icon has Simba and rafiki right around the release of the new Lion King. Its just luck if we get more niche characters they just use them to pad bigger launches

Carl Fredrecksin would actually make a good hero. Can’t forget Doug and Kevin. They’d be good, too. (Russell, on the other hand… not so much.) :crossed_fingers:


Those are pretty good, but what exactly would Cruella do? All I remember from 101 Dalmatians is she was always smoking something, and it always showed the green fumes. She doesn’t have any powers. Just badness. (Actually, if I recall correctly- and there’s a good chance I don’t- shes never shown smoking that thin stick thing. Just emphasized by the fumes.)

They would have to make cruella support I think. Have her “steal” energy or buffs maybe sort of like a more organized Mad Hatter.

It’s amazing how easy it was for you to make her work as a concept

I’m here for this, this list is great!

They just keep setting up options haha. When I saw they added Jafar as control it really got me going I mean he literally controls people thats his schtick. Like if Carl were a character he have to be an old dude make him front and have him attack only people who disturbed him and if he isn’t disturbed he just heals.

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