Heroes Refresh ideas

How about a percentage of the enemy’s energy gain is stolen by Nick? :thinking:

I think 35% is enough :sweat_smile:

Nick’s purple skill is enough…

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Ok… 50% or maybe same as Kim?

Mmmm… it needs a change, this is the only thing which can make old heroes viable, also Tron can give more SP, Kristoff can give a good amount as well.
Anyways, you can ignore Nick and use someone else (of course newer) and get better results.

It’s only temporary, and hardy stacks, tenacity, evasion…


W h o m s t s u m m o n e d m e

Anyways, good refresh.


Woody Refresh

Oh… someone didn’t age well in DHBM? Well, plenty of heroes older or newer, but one of them which got a big slap on the face is Woody; poor HP, low damage, terrible buffs, short buffs and debuffs and old-style red skill. There isn’t much of reason to use him when newer supports, Max and Claw give tons of more basic damage and heals, and the charm is very short.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 100%
  • Skill power increased by 50%
  • HP increased by 100%



  • Increased basic damage by 500%
  • Increased attack speed to 150%
  • Increased duration of buff to 10 seconds
  • This skill now cleans all Fatigue stacks from Woody and allies


  • This skill now deals normal damage (around 2M damage at R17)
  • This skill now applies 5 stacks of Weakness
  • Reduced cooldown to 10 seconds

Favorite Deputy

  • Increased duration of charm to 10 seconds
  • Woody and allies gain skill power equal to the skill power of the charmed enemy


  • Increased healing by 300%
  • Increased duration of Bullseye to 10 seconds

Round 'Em Up

  • Allies now receive ‘‘Energized’’ when buff from ‘‘Giddy-Up’’ is on allies
    • 50 energy per hit
  • This skill now gives armor negation to Woody
    • Starts from 170 and increases by 1 per skill level
  • Increased basic damage, skill power and HP by 100%

Buzz Disk

  • Increased skill power by 300%
  • Enemies with ‘‘Bullseye’’ now lose armor
  • This disk now applies to 1 enemies ‘‘Bullseye’’ at the beginning of each wave; one more enemy per star
  • Increased energy to 200 per star

Jessie Disk

  • Increased skill power by 300%
  • Increased duration of stun to 1.5 seconds per star
  • The pulled enemy now lose 1 buff per star

EVE Refresh

They say robots will take over the Earth… but with the stats which EVE has now she can only take over Basil’s trash bin! EVE doesn’t have tenacity/evasion, her damage is very low, mainly the blue skill and the shield is very weak, and these days applying a single shield isn’t ‘‘wow’’. Her negation is here, but it doesn’t carry her, same with her low HP. She fails to protect allies and damage her enemies.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 100%
  • Skill power increased by 70%
  • HP increased by 120%
  • Base attack speed increased by 20%


Hand Cannon

  • Increased main-target damage by 200%
  • Increased splash damage by 100%
  • EVE now extends the duration of active disables on damaged enemies by 5 seconds

Shield Directive

  • Increased shield’s HP by 500%
  • The shield is now applied to all allies
  • Increased duration of shield to 10 seconds

Ion Shock

  • Increased damage by 900%
  • Increased duration of stun to 10 seconds
  • EVE now reduces on enemies tenacity and evasion by 50 for the first 5 seconds of each wave

Combat Efficiency

  • Increased bonus damage to 150%
  • When EVE damages a non-disabled enemy with her attacks she will now apply 1 stack of fatigue

Droid Disable

  • To activate extended disables the disable on the target must last now 8 seconds or less and the increased duration is increased to 5 seconds
  • EVE now gains tenacity per skill level
    • Starting from 200 and increasing per 1 per skill level
  • Increased by 50% basic damage, skill power and damage from ‘‘Ion Shock’’


  • Increased healing by 300%
  • EVE now gains basic damage from this disk (~500k at level 185)
  • EVE and allies now gains skill power per stack of hardy (~200k at level 185)
  • Increased shield HP to 20% per star
  • Removed the secondary effect from star level
  • Shield from ‘‘Shield Directive’’ now applies one stacks of hardy to allies every 6 seconds; reduces by 1 second per star

Calhoun Disk

  • Increased skill power by 100%
  • EVE and allies now gains skill power whenever an enemy gets disabled (~100k at level 185)
  • Disabled enemies now lose armor (~500k at level 185)
  • Increased extra stun duration to 2 seconds per star
  • EVE now starts each wave with 20% attack speed buff which lasts for 10 seconds (+20% per star)

Future badges: Armor Negation


If you don’t have the next one planned, I would like to see Mike. He is in desperate need of assistance. His disks especially are pitiful

Well… :bento:

Mike is good idea…

Since you were already planning him, save him for last then, like how you were intending to.

I’m looking very forward to Calhoun and Joy

I enjoy this refresh, especially since Wall-E is one of my most favorite animated movies of all time.

This is definitely helpful as it ensures EVE will be able continue to deal bonus damage if the disable is longer.

Maybe she steals it when she damages an enemy with this skill. It can help her boost her disable defense.

The first effect:

I know that tenacity and evasion exist, but considering like more than half of the disables last less than 8 seconds, it can be a bit more broken. I was thinking about instead disables that last 7 seconds or less be able to last 100% longer (double the duration) and not be reduced by tenacity. (so there can be a potential 14 second, unreducable stun) Perhaps move the tenacity gain to the purple skill?? That way the bonus damage isn’t level capped because of the variable. >:) Mwahaha EVE can also gain Armor Negation each time an enemy is disabled with her red skill, kinda like my Kim Red Skill idea.



But… it’s more broken. :thinking:

She just needs (1/2x) 415 Hat badge and it will be fine.

Evasion, passives, and Hardy exist but ok then.

Still moving the tenacity buff to the purple tho?

I mean, I already added new effect to purple skill so I prefer to keep tenacity in red skill so it also gives something new.

Calhoun Refresh

There isn’t much to say here, just as beta hero her numbers are simply low. Purple skill is terrible as it requires dead allies, additionally, all her skills do nothing but damage which isn’t really nice, and Chef is a much better source of fatigue now as he isn’t locked behind red skill limits.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 100%
  • Skill power increased by 50%
  • HP increased by 80%
  • Base attack speed increased by 20%


Laser Blast

  • Damage increased by 100%
  • This skill now applies 3 stacks of Weakness which last for 10 seconds
  • Calhoun deals 20% more damage per 5% HP the target is missing

Dynamite Gal

  • Damage increase by 150%
  • This skill now stuns for 8 seconds
  • This skill now re-apply the last 2 expired debuffs back to enemies which were damaged by this skill with a duration of 10 seconds


  • Damage increased by 100%
  • Calhoun removes all debuffs from herself and applies them randomly to the targets
  • Calhoun heals by 50% of the damage dealt by this skill

Sweet Revenge

  • This skill now instead applies the basic damage bonus every 3 times Calhoun damages an enemy with her basic attacks or skills
    • Unchanged amount of basic damage

Cy-Bug Attack

  • Number of applied Fatigue stacks increased to 6
  • Increased bonus damage against armor to 100%
  • Increased by 30% skill power, max HP and damage to ‘‘Cybugeddon’’

Violet Disk

  • Increased shield HP by 300%
  • This disk now increases basic damage to Calhoun and allies while they are shielded (~500k at level 185)
  • This disk now increases armor to Calhoun and allies while they are shielded (~1M at level 185)
  • This disk now gives skill power to Calhoun (~400k at level 185)
  • This disk now gives Hardy stacks when the shield from this disk is expired or destroyed (1 stack per star)

Felix Disk

  • Increased basic damage by 150%
  • This disk now gives basic damage to Calhoun and allies when they have energy above 400 (~500k at level 185)
  • Increased energy gain to 20% per star
  • This disk now gives allies energy and 2 stacks of hardy when Calhoun use ‘‘Laser Blast’’ (50 energy per star)

Future badges: Evasion


Joy Refresh

Even if she isn’t the worst support (healing + reality buffs) she lacks a source of own defence, she currently has lowest HP in the whole game, an easy target for Cheshire and EQ, she doesn’t receive reality buffs or any other buffs to keep herself alive, over time better heals and reality sources were released, leaving her a bit behind in some situations, and with aggressive meta, as it’s right now, it’s very hard to keep her alive.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Skill power increased by 100%
  • HP increased by 200%



  • Increased maximum amount of ‘‘Happiness!’’ to 12
  • Increased heal by 50%
  • This skill now grants 1 stacks of Hardy to allies


  • Energy is now given to all allies
  • Increased amount of energy to 250

Joy Bubble

  • Increased shield HP by 100%
  • Increased require HP to activate to 70%
  • This skill now also grants 3 stacks of Hardy


  • Joy now receive 5% less damage per stack of ‘‘Happiness!’’

Positive Thinking

  • Increased duration of buff immunity to 10 seconds
  • Increased extra HP from heals to 50%
  • Changed shield HP to armor (same amount as new reality)
    • Increased reality by 200%
    • Evasion now increases by 1 per skill level

Olaf Disk

  • Increased armor by 30%
  • Joy now receives armor from this disk (~ 500k at level 185)
  • This disk now increase energy gain of Joy and allies by 5% per star

Anger Disk

  • Increased heal by 150%
    • This disk now heals ally with least HP
  • Joy now instead of blocking disable grants all allies two stacks of Hardy (and now this will remove a stack of ‘‘Happiness!’’)
    • Enemies doesn’t need to attempt to disable allies but the disk will automatically apply Hardy stacks and heal every X seconds
  • The cooldown of this disk now decreases by 1.2s per star

Good, good. Much good.

Can you refresh Olaf soon? He has a very low damage output that makes the Joy-Olaf friendship campaign impossible.

Scrooge too? He does nothing but damage and he has very poor literally no evasion and reality negation. Practically in a state Kim is in now.


He doesn’t have any, actually…

Fixed. IMO, he’s as bad as Kim.

I’m trying to go through that one right now. They just HAD to put Miguel, someone who can constantly heal his allies, as an enemy in that cam-pain…

Don´t forget Hades :wink: (He doesn´t need a refresh, he appears in Joy - Olaf campaign)

What about Kim?

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