Heroes Refresh ideas

Ralph Refresh

No need for an introduction or anything here, everyone one knows that Ralph is the worst tank in the game.

Screenshots from JustDrive

That’s why all heroes need to be equal. Not to add that enemies in CH1 (and further) were buffed, but starting heroes never.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 70%
  • Skill power increased by 50%
  • HP increased by 100%
  • Base attack speed increased by 20%


Wreck It

  • Increased damage by 1500%
  • Increased duration of stun to 6 seconds
  • The area of effect of this skill increased by 30%
  • This skill now applies two stacks of weakness for 10 seconds
  • This skill now resets the cooldown of ‘‘Grand Slam’’

Shouting Match

  • Increased damage by 2500%
  • Increased duration of silence to 8 seconds

Grand Slam

  • Increased damage by 200%
  • Increased duration of stun to 10 seconds
  • This skill now applies three stacks of weakness for 10 seconds

Big Duty

  • Increased healing by 200%
  • This skill now steals 50% of armor from an enemy with the biggest armor for 10 seconds
  • This skill now steals 50% of reality from an enemy with the biggest reality for 10 seconds

Heavy Handed

  • Increased attack speed gain to 50%
  • Max HP, armor and healing to ‘‘Big Duty’’ increased by 100%

Vanellope Disk

  • Increased skill power by 900%
  • This disk now increases armor on Ralph (scaled by disk level)
  • This disk now increases the duration of disables applied by Ralph and it now scales by 10% per star
  • This disk now increases damage dealt by Ralph and allies to stunned enemies by 10% per star

Jack Disk

  • Increased healing by 500% from stunned enemies
  • This disk now grants reality to Ralph whenever he gets stunned, the reality buff lasts for 10 seconds and stacks with each use
  • Increased Improved Healing to 10% per star
  • This disk now shares healing made by ‘‘Big Duty’’ with allies, 6% per star


Phase 1

  • Kim Possible
  • Basil
  • Yax
  • Ralph

Phase 2

  • Vanellope
  • Frozone
  • Nick
  • Woody
  • EVE
  • Calhoun
  • Joy
  • Mike
  • Judy Hopps
  • Scrooge

Phase 3

  • Tigger
  • Eeyore
  • Donald
  • HDL
  • Rafiki
  • Animal

Phase 4

  • Alice
  • Jack-Jack
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Bo Peep
  • Goofy
  • Megavolt

Phase 5

  • Baymax
  • Megara
  • Zurg
  • Linguini & Remy
  • Moana
  • Ursula
  • Kevin Flynn
  • Launchpad
  • Syndrome
  • Gonzo

Phase 6

  • Aladdin
  • Maximus
  • Barbossa
  • Colette
  • Timon & Pumbaa

Phase 7

  • Baymax
  • Calhoun
  • Joy
  • Mad Hatter

Other ideas

Kim Possible


Will next refreshes be posted in this topic or in new one?


All in this topic, in a new posts.


The refresh is excessive, yet great. I think Perblue should definitely nerf the hero creeps in vanilla/friendship campaigns before they refresh heroes like these.

One question: why does he steal armor and reality? I know that he should gain armor and reality with this, but stealing armor and reality by falling below HP seems kinda, well, illogical.

I was mostly expecting Ralph to heal a percent of his max HP when he stuns an enemy rather than having the heal be disk level Dependent. I feel like it would be stronger than the weak healing we have now. Maybe he gains armor which is scaled by disk level.

I’m assuming Nick’s refresh will be smaller since he got buffed a while ago?

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Vanellope Refresh

That girl can do some nice damage with maxed red skill, but because of lack of reality negation even the slightlest reality buff on enemies reduces her damage to 0.

Her skill is also extremely outdated same with stats, she never was refreshed and doesn’t go well in battles against newer heroes. She only offers pure damage with nothing else and her slow from green skill is a joke, it lasts for 3 seconds.

There is also a bug with her, while she is slowed her White Skill will fail to perform.

PB, please, make her dreams come true of becoming a President (of the damage).

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 50%
  • Skill power increased by 50%
  • HP increased by 60%
  • Base attack speed increased by 20%


Lollipop Slammer

  • Damage increased by 100%
  • This skill now stuns slowed enemies for 7 seconds

Soda Geyser

  • Damage increased by 100%
  • Increased slow from 25% to 50%
  • Increased duration of slow to 10 seconds

Minty Fresh

  • Damage increased by 100%
  • This skill now stuns for 8 seconds
  • After performing this skill Vanellope gains 15% attack and movement speed for the remainder of the wave

Sharing is Caring

  • Damage increased by 150%
  • This skill now extends duration of slows by 3 seconds
  • This skill now grants Vanellope immunity to slows

Racing Ahead

  • This skill now grants Vanellope Reality Negation
    • Starting from 100 and increasing by 1 per skill level
  • Increased by 50% Skill Power, HP and Damage from ‘‘Lollipop Slammer’’

Dash Disk

  • Increased basic damage by 900%
  • This disk now reduces reality on slowed enemies; scaled by disk level
  • Increased damage to slowed enemies from 12% to 20% per star

Merida Disk

  • Increased skill power by 500%
  • This disk now grants Vanellope and allies skill power whenever Vanellope performs ‘‘Minty Fresh’’; scaled by disk power
  • This disk now applies 3 stacks of Weakness for 2 seconds with ‘‘Minty Fresh’’; +2s per disk star

I can see some Honey Lemon (Hi) synergy here :thinking:

Potentially broken…

Or just 3 stacks (not a variable) for 2 seconds per disk star :thinking:

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When it’s working Honey [Hi] alone applies with active 25 debuffs (if there are 5 enemies), and Vanellope will only pick 3 random from them.

If Finnick slows he applies 2 types of slows (and debuffs), and it goes on.

That’s fair.

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Musk always want to make Vanellope broken :man_shrugging: I agree with a buff, but roughly half of what is proposed and no bonus effects on white and green.

And Reality Negation? Most characters, except Clawhauser, don´t really have the bonus “HP against some attacks” which Reality or Armor is higher than their Max HP by normal circumstances. Those that do, the modded guys, could be circumvented by adding “Vanellope now removes armor and reality buffs from enemies attacked by her skills” to the Racing Ahead.


Pure damage NEVER works, just like D&B and more.

Removing buffs is even more broken, and suggested purple is far from broken, Manticore removes and applies all removed debuffs from her active and… no complains, this version is much weaker.

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Yeah, her active, not a 6-second passive

3 debuffs vs endless.

Don’t think we will ever get these hero’s refreshed as the devs said it will throw of the balance of the early game and confuse new players

It completely doesn’t make sense and their logic was thrown away as said it completely doesn’t make sense, it only makes balance worse, but of course PB ignores, no wonder what will players say it will be ignored, always.

Changed purple skill for Vanellope


Frozone Refresh

Frozone is the source of CC in the earliest stages, despite his quite good additional stats his HP and base damage in skills is very low.
The refresh is designed to give him a spot for freeze-based lines and get the bonuses from Mr. Incredible disk which currently gives nothing to Frozone.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 50%
  • Skill power increased by 40%
  • HP increased by 80%


Stay Frosty

  • Increased base duration of freeze to 8 seconds
  • Increased guaranteed duration of freeze to 3 seconds

Cold Front

  • Increased damage by 100%
  • This skill now extends the duration of active freezes on enemies by 5 seconds

Arctic Chill

  • Increased base duration of freeze to 12 seconds
  • Increased guaranteed duration of freeze to 5 seconds
  • Now Frozone deals damage to the target with this skill equal to 200% of his skill power


  • This skill now activates under all ally freezes
  • This skill now reduces reality on frozen enemies


  • Increased slow to 12% per stack of ‘‘Frost’’
  • Frozone now gains 10 reality negation whenever an enemy is frozen
    • Frozone can get up to [starting from 20 reality negation and increases by 0,5 per skill level] reality negation
  • Increased by 50% skill power and reality

Mr. Incredible Disk

  • Increased armor to tanks by 100%
  • Frozone also gains the armor bonus
  • This disk now grants HP to Frozone and Tank role allies
  • Increased damage done by tank heroes on team to 10% per star (instead of 5%), additionally this bonus now includes Frozone

EVE Disk

  • Removed freeze to allies
  • The healing done increased by 200%
  • This disk now applies 2 stacks of ‘‘Frost’’ at the beginning of each wave
  • The reality negation bonus is now given to all allies
  • Increased reality negation to 5 per star (instead of 4)

With Amelia, Elsa, Kristoff… this is absolutely broken.

Don’t you mean damage done by tanks?

Disks are not really meant to add to the red skill…

Then “Frost” should be applied somewhere else other than the red skill. I don’t like when stacks are limited to red skills. Maybe it can be applied to the white skill?


Depends, because of course, I meant THE target, Frozone hits just one enemy with this skill.

to allies tanks :woman_shrugging:

will change the whole wording

Frost have its own abilities no matter from where they came from, it increases damage received while frozen.

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I said Amelia. If you use other freezers it can be an easy win, and all freezers deal damage with their blue skill, except Olaf, Felix (Fr), and Merida (El).

It still shouldn’t be exclusive to red skill and a disk…

That darn cat!
It creates good synergy, but ok, will change it for…
And changed!

First isn’t what I’ve created, and second, will make Frozone really attractive in freeze lines, and pretty sure someone in future will apply Frost, it’s not assigned to Frozone only.

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Nick Refresh

Nick currently is just a living battery (SP) for others, his base damage is shallow, and it takes a quite long time for his lemmings to appear same with his basic attacks, they are also very slow, due to this his energy gain is low. Lately, stats from badges weren’t nice to him, reality buffs eat up his own damage, his fantastic crit is very low and HP simply tragic (low). His performance in PVP is terrible, and you can’t just use over and over a single character in Epic CW for obvious reasons, he needs to shine on other modes as well.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 50%
  • Skill power increased by 50%
  • HP increased by 100%
  • Base attack speed increased by 30%


Lemming Rush

  • Increased damage of 1st lemming by 100%
  • Increased damage of 2nd-5th lemming(s) by 50%
  • Lemmings now appear 50% quicker and run 50% faster

Shuriken Pops

  • Increased damage by 200%
  • This skill now steals 200 energy per pawpsicle (stolen energy is given to Nick)

Charming Fox

  • Increased duration of charm to 10 seconds
  • Increased bonus damage to the charmed enemy by 200%
  • This skill now allows Nick to steal 50% of energy gain from charmed enemies

Proper Reinforcements

  • Increased skill power gain by 30%
  • Nick now also gains 10 fantastic crit per each ally and lemming

Lemming Daze

  • This skill also removes reality (same amount as armor)
  • Increased shared amount of skill power to 50%
  • Increased basic damage, skill power and damage from Lemming Rush’’ by 30%

Yax Disk

  • Increased Skill power by 500%
  • This disk now increases Nick’s Skill Power when an enemy is charmed (~500k at level 180)
  • Increased Charm length to 10% per star
  • Increased Cooldown reduction to 10% per star

Judy Disk

  • Increased Max HP by 100%
  • Increased Skill Power by 200%
  • This disk now grants Skill Power to Nick and allies while they are shielded (~300k at level 180)
  • The shield is now given to all allies
  • This shield now evades first 2 disables to be applied to allies
  • Increased shield’s HP to 20% per star
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