Heroes that should be

Heroes that really should be in the game

What do you mean?


Heroes. That. Should. Be. In. DH.

What heroes?


Idk maybe Dolly from toy story, or something. My brother and I make up heroes all the time

@Wicked_To_The_Core I think they mean we should write our wishes here…

The other Dolly form the third one

Yeah that what I mean

This one

Yes that’s it

Forgot her. :grimacing:

For Dolly, she’d be a two star control.

Maybe you should make a concept for her

How will she even be control? I don’t think there’s enough to make a skillset on her

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Two Star Control
Team: Blue
White: Dolly would rise up above her allies and enemies and cackle, scaring all enemies for 5 seconds and striking lightning, dealing ——— damage to each enemy.
Green: Dolly would wink at the enemies charming the two closest ones for 3 seconds
Blue: When an enemy uses its white, Dolly saps all of its energy and uses her white for half the damage, which she can use once per round.
Purple: Dolly gains attack damage as she gains energy
Red Skill: TBD
Friends: Woody and Madam Mim

Good enough?

I-it’s a good start. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. Could use improvement.

Here’s something made by my good forum friend @Imagineer_V . This is a guide to making character concepts.

Click Here

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Thanks I think and It’s not a serious thing I mean I just do it for fun tbh

I know, but concepts should be taken at least somewhat seriously and my guide has really helped people before.

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